Hulk Hogan Explains Why He Wishes He Would Have Retired After 20 Years In Wrestling

(Photo Credit: WWE)

20 years is long enough for a pro wrestling career.

Hulk Hogan learned this the hard way.

“The Hulkster” recently spoke with Men’s Health for an interview, during which he spoke about the toll that pro wrestling has taken on his body and how he feels he should have retired at the 20-year mark of his career.

“Wrestling has taken its toll,” Hogan said. “I wrestled almost 40 years, off and on, and I probably should have quit at the 20-year mark, but with Hulkamania running wild all those years and then when I turned into a bad guy and became Hollywood Hulk Hogan, it was like jumping on another lightning bolt and I had no idea that we were going to reinvent the wrestling business.”

Hogan continued, “So, I got hooked, I got sucked in, and I rode that thing until it dropped. Wrestling has been really tough on my body with multiple surgeries and injuries. Nobody gave me the memo that this stuff was fake.”

Check out the complete interview below. H/T to for transcribing the above quotes.