Spoilers: Impact 1000 Taping Results For 9/14/2023

IMPACT Wrestling recently held the TV Tapings of their flagship show’s 1000th episode from inside the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York. The 1000th episode of IMPACT Wrestling is set to air this Thursday, September 14th, and will also serve as the post-Victory Road episode.

Below are the full spoilers results from the tapings, courtesy of PWInsider.com:

– Jade Chung is the ring announcer, while Gia Miller and Tom Hannifan are on commentary.

– Jody Threat def. KiLynn King in a Before The IMPACT Match. Taylor Wilde was not with KiLynn King. KiLynn King apparently had her foot on the ropes, but the pin was still counted.

– MK Ultra (Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly) (c) def. The Death Dollz (Jessicka and Courtney Rush) in a Before The IMPACT Match to retain their IMPACT Knockouts World Tag Team Championships. Killer Kelly was the star of the match. Towards the end, she was dominated with quick tags, but then Masha Slamovich got the hot tag for a really loud pop. Masha Slamovich then ran wild, but could only get a 2 count to Rush. The challengers then double teamed Slamovich until Killer Kelly made the save and a big brawl broke out. Slamovich then finished Jessicka off with the Snowplow.

– Matthew Rehwoldt and David Penzer are introduced now that the IMPACT 1000th episode taping is beginning.

– Alan Angels wins Ultimate X in the opener of IMPACT 1000. The other competitors were “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, Samuray Del Sol, Rich Swann and IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Zachary Wentz. This was non-stop from the bell, all over the place and so many high risk moves from up top. Early on there was a big spot where multiple competitors hit moonsaults from the top of the structure to a huge pop and “this is Impact!” chant. At one point Wentz hit Sol with spray-paint. Bailey, Austin, Swann and Angels hit the ropes to go for the X symbol. Wentz knocked Austin off with spray-paint. Bailey and Angels fought it out, but both fell down to the mat. Angels ended up retrieving the X, but he’s just hanging, not falling to secure the win. Austin and Bailey reach Angels and there’s a struggle for the X. The X falls to the mat as do Angels, Austin and Bailey and Angels grabs the X first to get the win.

– Chris Sabin vs. IMPACT X-Division Champion Lio Rush was announced for later.

– Crazzy Steve, Yuya Uemura, Moose and Chris Bey all won briefcases in the return of Feast or Fired. The contents of the briefcases will be revealed at a later date and three contracts for future title shots (World, X-Division, Tag Team) and one pink slip for a release. The other competitors were Steve Maclin, PCO, Joe Hendry, Kushida, Laredo Kid, Brian Myers, Kevin Knight, Black Taurus, Johnny Swinger, Heath, Sami Callihan, John Skyler, Bhupinder Gujjar, Action Bravo, John Skyler, Jonathan Gresham and Jai Vidal. The four briefcases were fastened on top of Ultimate X. PCO entered last and hit a big dive onto multiple bodies. Bey got the first case, Steve got the second case and guarded it with a fork, going low on Myers with it and then threatening Moose, who wanted no problems with the fork as he let Steve exit. Hendry stood guard for Uemura to retrieve a case. Callihan tried to steal it but a game of “monkey in the middle” allowed Uemura to exit with it. Everyone fought for the final case now. Maclin grabbed it, then flew back down with a big splash to Heath. Maclin looked to exit with the case but he was suddenly surrounded by everyone else, preventing him from exiting to end the match. Rhino then made his surprise return to a big pop, hitting Maclin with a Gore. Maclin lost control of the briefcase due to the Gore and Moose caught it for the win.

– IMPACT Wrestling President Scott D’Amore came to the ring to thank everyone and welcome them to IMPACT 1000. He recalled how the first episode opened up with he and Eric Young with Team Canada. D’Amore then said IMPACT will celebrate its past, present and future over the next few weeks. He then praised the Knockouts division and brought out IMPACT Hall of Famer Gail Kim. Kim also praised the Knockouts and led us to a video package of highlights from the Knockouts over the years. The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) interrupted to a big pop. They mocked Kim and the history of the Knockouts, saying they are perfect but everyone else in the video was ugly, just like Kim is ugly. The back & forth on the mic led to Kim teasing a match. Savannah Evans, Gisele Shaw and Jai Vidal interrupted and gave a proper welcome back to The Beautiful People. Shaw gave some praise to Sky and Love but mentioned how today’s Knockouts are better. Sky told her to provide examples and out came Jordynne Grace, who praised former and current Knockouts. Deonna Purrazzo was out next and she said she comes from no generation, but her own as The Era of The Virtuosa has been dominating since her official debut, since that first title win over Grace. Purrazzo was the most over at this point and more than Knockouts World Champion Trinity, who came out next. Trinity gave a show of respect to everyone but said right now she’s champion and this is her moment. IMPACT Hall of Famer Awesome Kong came out next with Raisha Saeed for a big pop. Saeed called for silence but a “welcome back!” chant started up. Saeed issued a challenge for anyone to face Kong and promised they will be crushed. Tasha Steelz then came out to a pop for her surprise return. Steelz cut a good promo and revealed herself as the mystery woman on Team Beautiful People. Steelz had words for Kong, but then Mickie James came out to a huge pop and chant for another surprise. James declared herself to be the greatest and said she is the mystery woman for Team Over. James said this will be the biggest Knockouts match ever.

– IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famers Team 3D def. The Desi Hit Squad. This was Team 3D’s first match together since December 2016. This started out with Rohit Raju and Champagne Singh coming to the ring and going on about how they’re the top tag team. Bully Ray and D-Von Dudley then came out to a huge pop and declared their team to be the Kings of Tag Team Wrestling. Bully and D-Von both looked good in the ring, D-Von received a “you still got it!” chant. The Dudleyz hit all their signature offense and when the crowd asked for tables, D-Von got them. They then hit the 3D on Singh for the pin. After the match, Raju took a Bubbabomb off the ropes through a table. The Dudleyz then spoke to the crowd in what were great babyface speeches, talking about their Impact runs and how important IMPACT is to their careers. They led the crowd in a big “Impact!” chant and said it meant the world to do this reunion match.

– Josh Alexander then made his way out and cut a promo. He said he leaves his blood, sweat and tears in the ring every night to be the best and every now and then even he has to pinch himself. Alexander then said for 21 years, he’s been an IMPACT fan, the 15 year old fan who discovered the company in him would never believe he’d be in the ring celebrating 1000 episodes, but he has grown up and he stands here as the man who never lost the IMPACT World Title and he is here to make that right. IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley then made his way down to the ring and said that Alexander needs to wrap his head around the fact that it’s not Josh’s title anymore and if anyone is going to be the face of the company when they celebrate 1000 episodes, it is Shelley. Shelley then told Alexander he is welcome because he is the one who put the work in to make sure Alexander can pay his mortgage and put his kids to school and own his truck. Alexander then said he appreciates Shelley’s 21 years and there is no one who is a bigger fan. Shelley then asked if he was a fan or a mark for him. Alexander then said he revolutionized a generation and yes, he was a big mark for him, but the more he talks, the more Alexander says he thinks the old saying is true – don’t meet your heroes, because you will be disappointed. Alexander then said Shelley should thank him for keeping IMPACT around for four years so Alex had something to return to. Josh then reminded Shelley there is one world title match Shelley didn’t win and that’s when he challenged Josh. Alexander then said they both want to see who the better man is. They were going to fight, but the Rascalz attacked. Shelley then walked out as they left Alexander beaten.

– Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks def. Eddie Edwards and Alisha Edwards in a Mixed Tag Team Match. After the match, Kazarian said he was happy to celebrate 1000 episodes, but they have more to celebrate. Kazarian then asked the fans to watch the video screen. They played a video announcement that Traci Brooks would be going into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame. Kazarian and Brooks’ son had joined them in the ring and it was pretty obvious Brooks had no idea this was coming. The fans popped huge for this and chanted for Brooks, who was in tears.

– Chris Sabin def. Lio Rush (c) to become the new IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion. After the match, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin celebrated as dual champs.

– Dirty Dango with John E. Alpha Bravo made their way down to the ring and Dango said he hates pro wrestling. Jake Something made his way down to the ring and the two faced each other in a Singles Match.

– Jake Something def. Dirty Dango in a Singles Match.

– Eric Young vs. Kenny King in a Singles Match ended in a disqualification shortly after it started. Shark Boy made his way out and said that he wasn’t going to let the match end like that and declared they would restart it as tag team match.

– Eric Young and Scott D’Amore vs. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean ended in a No Contest after Deaner and Kon made their way down to the ring and attacked Eric Young and Scott D’Amore. Shark Boy said they aren’t going to have this happen and announced an 8-Man tag team Match with America’s Most Wanted on Eric Young and Scott D’Amore’s team.

– America’s Most Wanted, Eric Young and Scott D’Amore def. Kenny King, Sheldon Jean, Kon and Deaner in an 8-Man Tag Team Match.

– Josh Alexander def. IMPACT World Tag Team Champion Trey Miguel in a Non-Title Match. After the match, Alexander mockingly thanked Shelley for coming out and helping him. Alexander then said he could done that last week or at Emergence. Shelley then told Alexander not to get his signals mixed up as he wanted to hurt The Rascalz, not help Alexander. Josh then said he’s taking the belt back at Bound For Glory.

– IMPACT Knockouts World Champion Trinity, Awesome Kong, Gail Kim, Mickie James and Jordynne Grace def. Angelina Love, Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, Gisele Shaw and Deonna Purrazzo in a 10-Knockouts Tag Team Match.

– Dave LaGreca then made his way down to the ring to be the ring announcer for the final match.

– IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Champion Tommy Dreamer and Rhino def. Brian Myers and Moose in a Tag Team Dark Match.