Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Review – July 15, 2023

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Review – July 15, 2023

6 Person Tag Team Match
Death Dollz (Courtney Rush & Jessicka) & Jody Threat vs. Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans & Jai Vidal (Pre Show)

Jessicka & Savannah Evans starts the match off before Jai Vidal quickly tags in after a stalemate during lock up so Vidal pie faces Jessicka. Jessicka came back with a shove and Bionic Elbow before Gisele Shaw tags in & she gave Jessicka a kick but Jessicka quickly regained control by tossing Shaw into the corners. Courtney Rush tags in and gave Shaw a northern lariat.

Evans clotheslines Rush at ringside while the referee was distracted & this allowed Shaw to get the advantage with methodical offense. Shaw, Evans & Vidal cut the ring in half on Rush with tags and isolation offense. Rush got a window of opportunity after a reverse DDT.

Jody Threat & Vidal tagged in with Threat having the hot hand then Threat draped Shaw on the 2nd rope with a boot. Everyone took turns trading signature offense. Threat hits Vidal with a German suplex before Rush hits Vidal with a spear for the win.

Winners: Death Dollz & Jody Threat (5:34)
Rate: 5

Digital Media Title Match
Joe Hendry (c) vs. Kenny King

Joe Hendry sung his song and gave Kenny King double chops in place of the claps. Hendry did squats during a delayed vertical suplex. King & Sheldon Jean talked strategy at ringside.

Jean distracted Hendry by running in the ring which allowed King to club Hendry in the back. King hits Hendry with a sweep and Buzzsaw Kick for the two count. King took a foreign object out of Jean’s pocket & it was a Chippendale’s necklace which he put on Hendry’s neck.

King hits Hendry with a discus forearm and exploder suplex for a two count so King puts Hendry in a Guillotine Choke but Hendry deadlifted his way out and hit King with a deadlift suplex. Hendry rallied back with lariats and a jumping fallaway slam. Hendry teased taking off the necklace but then did a hip swivel.

King came back with an Eddy Gordo kick then Hendry caught King off a dive and hit him with the Standing Ovation. Jean put King’s foot on the bottom rope for the near fall rope break.

King accidentally hits Jean with a corkscrew plancha when Hendry sidesteps. Jean recovered and held Hendry’s legs as King rolls up Hendry to score the win.

Winner & New Digital Media Champion: Kenny King (6:09) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 6

Fatal 6 Way X Division Title #1 Contenders Ultimate X Match
Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Alan Angels vs. Kevin Knight vs. Kushida vs. Jake Something

Kevin Knight jumps on Jake Something’s chest to make a play at the X. Something powerbombs Knight on the wrestlers at ringside then Mike Bailey, Jonathan Gresham, Alan Angels, Knight & Kushida teamed up to dump Something away.

Knight hits Bailey with a high dropkick. Knight overshot a crossbody. Gresham hits Kushida with Paydirt before Knight hits Bailey with a standing splash.

Bailey caught Something with a Triangle Moonsault. Gresham & Bailey were on the same page but it broke apart when they went for the X. Angels caught both men with a Spanish Fly. Kushida caught Angels with double boots. Kushida puts Angels in the electric chair and Knight knocks him off with a dropkick. Bailey climbs to the top of Ultimate X and hits everyone with a crazy moonsault from the top.

Bailey fended off Something and climbs back to the structure ropes. Angels used a chair to knock Bailey off. Angels used 6 chair shots to take down Something. Angels climbs the X ropes. Knight caught up with Angels so Angels gave Knight a Poison Rana from the X ropes.

Angels used a low blow to knock Gresham off the ropes then Something shoves Angels into the scaffolding to stagger him. Angels used a uppercut to the balls to knock Something off the X ropes. Angels, Kushida & Bailey made their way to the X.

Angels gave Bailey a low blow to knock him off. Kushida knocks down Angels off the X ropes and managed to get the X for the win.

Winner & #1 Contender To The X Division Title: Kushida (11:11)
Rate: 7

Gia Miller interviewed new Digital Media Champion Kenny King & Sheldon Jean & King brags about beating Joe Hendry for the Digital Media Title. King talks about how he stripped Joe Hendry of the Digital Media Title. King said he’s better than the other champions like Alex Shelley or Chris Sabin. He said he’s the DMC and that’s the only title that matters

Knockouts Tag Team Titles Match
The Coven (Taylor Wilde & Kilynn King) (c) vs. Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly

Killer Kelly took a slap from Taylor Wilde and liked it. Masha Slamovich & Kelly double teamed The Coven. Slamovich hits The Coen in the corner with a dropkick. Kelly hits Wilde with a pump kick and suplex for a two count before Kelly works on Wilde with short arm lariats. Kelly pummels Wilde with strikes in the corner and gave Wilde a PK for a two count. Slamovich tags in and gave Wilde rapid palm strikes and a dropkick for a two count.

Wilde hits Slamovich with Eye Of The Hurricane for the two count before Kilynn King tags in and gave Slamovich a flapjack. King backdrops Wilde on Slamovich and got a two count. King gave Slamovich back elbow in the corner. Masha got a two count after a double stomp off the rollup.

Slamovich & Kelly gave King a high low kick & it got Kelly a two count. King hits Kelly with a flatliner into the 2nd rope. Wilde blind tags in and works on Kelly with methodical offense before The Coven cut the ring in half on Kelly.

Kelly got a window of opportunity after dodging a diving senton from King. Slamovich & Wilde tags in with Slamovich having the hot hand. Slamovich beat both women with kick variations. Slamovich hit Wilde with a spinning heel kick for a two count.

Slamovich hits Wilde with a backfist and Buzzsaw Kick combo for a two count. Kelly & King traded arm trap headbutts with King getting the upper hand. Wilde gave Masha a lung blower which sent Slamovich into King’s German suplex. Slamovich avoided King’s Meteora in the corner.

Kelly hits Wilde with a reverse cannonball. Slamovich hits King with a dropkick. Slamovich & Kelly hit Wilde with a stereo ripcord knees before Wilde hits Slamovich with Witches Wrath for a near fall. Kelly drags King out of the ring. Slamovich hit Wilde with Snow Plow to get the win.

Winners & New Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Masha Slamovich & Killer Kelly (9:04) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!!)
Rate: 6

Tag Team Match
Team Canada (Scott D’Amore & Eric Young) vs. Bully Ray & Deaner

Deaner tags out to avoid facing Eric Young so Scott D’Amore tags in and did a leap frog to taunt Bully Ray. Bully tags out to avoid D’Amore. Deaner raked the eyes of D’Amore. D’Amore ran the ropes and gave Deaner a leg lariat. D’Amore gave Deaner a diving leg drop. D’Amore gave Deaner a leg drop for the two count. Young tags in and did a Death Drop with D’Amore on Deaner.

D’Amore tags back in and gave Deaner an axe handle strike. D’Amore hit Deaner with a Sky High for a two count. Bully blindsided D’Amore when the referee was distracted. Deaner bits D’Amore in the face and gave him a right hand. Bully tags in and tossed D’Amore to ringside.

Bully yells at D’Amore’s mom while beating her son up. Bully dares D’Amore’s mom to punch him and she did make a few missed swipes. D’Amore showed fighting spirit by taking Bully’s punches in the center of the ring.

Eric Young led the crowd in an O Canada sing along. Bully low blows D’Amore in front of the referee and dared the ref to disqualify him. Young protested. Bully bullied the ref to disqualify him. The referee took off his shirt and walks away.

Darren McCarty puts on the referee shirt to become the official referee. Bully was shocked when he turned around to see McCarty in the shirt. Bully hits D’Amore with his signature Dudley punches. D’Amore blocks the final punch with a spear.

Young got the hot tag. Young took down Deaner with a discus lariat then he took down Bully with a lariat then Young hits Deaner with a piledriver. Kon drags McCarty to ringside to break up the pin.

A1 ran in to dump Kon to ringside with a lariat. McCarty hits Bully with a Stunner. Young hits Bully with a body slam. McCarty & Young held Bully’s legs to allow D’Amore to hit Bully with the What’s Up. Bully yells My Balls!.

McCarty, Young and D’Amore did the Get the tables bit. McCarty and D’Amore gave Bully a double team chokeslam. D’Amore ducks the Canadian flagpole from Deaner. D’Amore hits Deaner with a Canadian Destroyer. Young hits Deaner with a top rope elbow drop for the win.

Winners: Team Canada (11:49)
Rate: 6

X Division Title Match
Chris Sabin (c) vs. Lio Rush

Lio Rush knocks Chris Sabin off the apron before the match and hit him with a flip dive. The referee went to give Sabin a concussion test at ringside. Rush poses in the corner of the ring laughing while Sabin was being checked on by the referee and medic.

A medic said Sabin couldn’t wrestle & the referee said they need to ask Sabin but Sabin shoves away the medic. Sabin enters the ring and the bell rang.

Sabin took a dropkick and didn’t even get his jacket off. Rush hits Sabin with an overhead spin kick. Rush hits Sabin with Final Hour then goes for the cover but Sabin kicks out so Rush hits Sabin with a 2nd Final Hour for the win.

Winner & New X Division Champion: Lio Rush (1:20) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 4

Impact World Tag Team Titles Fatal 4 Way Match
ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) (c) vs. Subculture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) vs. Brian Myers & Moose vs. Sami Callihan & Rich Swann

Chris Bey & Mark Andrews starts the match then ABC used tags to cut the ring in half on Andrews. Ace Austin & Andrews traded counters then Flash Morgan Webster tags in. Subculture used alternating flips to get a two count on Austin then Webster hits Austin with a lionsault then Rich Swann tags out Austin.

Swann caught Morgan with a dropkick. Swann hits Morgan with a springboard kick. Sami Callihan hits Morgan with a shoulder breaker before Brian Myers clears the field with a superkicks. Swann took down Moose & Myers with kicks when both men went for piledrivers.

Swann hits Myers at ringside with a cannonball then Bey went for a flip dive on Moose but Moose turned it to an apron bomb. Bey hits Moose with a PK from the apron before Myers gave Ace a spear on the apron.

Andrews hits Myers with a flip dive then Callihan tosses Webster to the pile of wrestlers at ringside with a Death Valley Driver toss. Morgan escaped a double suplex attempt by Callihan & Swann. Swann use a sunset flip to allow Callihan to nail him with a punch and Death Valley Driver. Swann hits Morgan with a standing splash for a two count. Morgan avoided Swann’s 450 attempt. Austin tags in and missed a disaster kick on Swann.

Austin hits Swann with a Listo Kick. Swann caught Bey with a hook kick. Bey puts Swann in a Torture Rack. Ace hit Swann with a kick while Bey slams him. Moose & Myers took down ABC. Andrews caught Moose and Myers with a Cardiac Kick.

Moose came back with a pump kick. Andrews countered a suplex into a Stundog Millionaire on Moose before Morgan hits Moose with a Swanton Bomb for a two count. Andrews cleans house by giving everyone headbutts.

Callihan took down Subculture with double lariats. Moose went for a dive but Swann & Bey teamed up on him for a double cutter. Austin tags in and hit Swann with a slice kick. ABC caught Callihan with double superkicks. Bey hits Morgan with a double cutter. Myers tags out Austin before the Rascalz ran in to toss Austin into the steel steps. Wentz hits Bey with a Front Facelock Driver.

Morgan hits Myers with a Selinda Del Sol then Webster hit the wrestlers at ringside with a top rope cannonball follow by Andrews hit Myers with Fall To Pieces to get the win.

Winners & New Impact World Tag Team Champions: Subculture (10:36) (NEW CHAMPIONS!!!!!)
Rate: 7

Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian

Alisha Edwards provided the initial distraction then Traci Brooks distracted Eddie Edwards which allowed Frankie Kazarian to nail Edwards with a Lungblower. Edwards backdrops Kazarian to ringside to escape a headlock before Alisha taunted Kazarian. Brooks confronts Alisha at ringside.

Edwards gave Kazarian stiff chops at ringside before Edwards got a two count off a suplex. Kazarian came back with chops. Edwards works on Kazarian with short arm chops. Kazarian came back with a high angle German suplex that turned Edwards inside out.

Kaz got a two count off a roll up. Kazarian dumps Edwards to ringside. Kazarian turned a plancha into a hurricanrana. Kazarian chops Edwards around at ringside. Alisha rakes the back of Kazarian to draw his attention. Kazarian backs Alisha into Brooks.

Edwards caught Kazarian with a suicide dive. Edwards chops around Kazarian at ringside. Edwards yelled at Kazarian’s son Rebel, at ringside. The Edwards threw a fit at fans saying Boston sucks. Kazarian & Edwards traded headbutts with Eddie getting the upper hand after a chop.

Eddie paintbrushed his foot on Kaz’s face against the buckle. Kazarian & Edwards traded strikes in the center of the ring. Kazarian no sold face wash kicks and gave Edwards his own boot. Kazarian rallied back with a clothesline and spinning heel kick.

Kazarian took down Edwards with a lariat before Edwards dodges a leg drop. Kazarian body slams Edwards and hit him with a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Edwards escaped an Unprettier attempt. Edwards hits Kazarian with a Backpack Stunner for a near fall.

Edwards & Kazarian brawled to the top rope. Edwards hits Kazarian with a superplex. Kazarian turns Edwards inside out with a suplex for a near fall. Kazarian surprises Edwards with a cutter for a near fall so Edwards ducks Kazarian to send him into the ref.

Both men took each other out with crossbodies. Alisha tried to hit Kazarian with a kendo stick but Brooks ran in and hits Alisha with ground & pound and a lariat. Edwards went for a jackknife and Kazarian reversed it into a Chicken Wing & Edwards taps but the ref was bumped and couldn’t see the tap out.

Kazarian broke the hold and pulls the ref back in the ring so Edwards hits Kazarian in the back with a Kendo stick while the referee was recovering. Edwards hits Kazarian with a Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards (17:43)
Rate: 7

Knockouts Title Match
Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Trinity

Deonna Purrazzo took down Trinity with a tackle but Trinity got right back up with a kip up. Trinity & Purrazzo traded arm drags. Trinity used a jackknife pin for a two count. Trinity quickly rolls away to avoid an armbar. Trinity hits Purrazzo with a shotgun dropkick. Deonna rolled to ringside to avoid a Rear View. Trinity hit Purrazzo with a Wrecking Back kick and corkscrew plancha.

Purrazzo shook the ropes to trip Trinity to the mat. Purrazzo hits Trinity with an elbow stomp so Purrazzo focused on Trinity’s injured arm with methodical offense. Purrazzo dominated for a few minutes before Trinity managed to land a springboard kick. Trinity gave Purrazzo right hands and a Samoan Drop before Trinity hits Purrazzo with a Disaster Kick for a near fall. Purrazzo reversed a Starstruck with a rollup.

Purrazzo reversed a hurricanrana into a Thrill Of The Kill for a two count. Trinity escapes a Gotch Style Piledriver attempt then Purrazzo used a Russian leg sweep to put Trinity into a Fujiwara Armbar. Trinity got to the bottom rope.

Trinity surprised Purrazzo with a slingshot X Factor and split legged moonsault for a two count. Purrazzo backdrops Trinity to the apron. Purrazzo hits Trinity with a piledriver on the apron.

Trinity kicks out at two. Purrazzo went for a top rope Gotch Style Piledriver but Trinity counters it into a top rope full nelson atomic drop then Trinity rolls up Purrazzo into Starstruck. Purrazzo tried to roll up Trinity but Purrazzo ended up tapping out.

Winner By Submission & New Knockouts Champion: Trinity (14:25) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

Impact World Title Match
Alex Shelley (c) vs. Nick Aldis

Nick Aldis taunts Alex Shelley to start the match. Shelley spit a bunch of water in the face of Aldis. Shelley hits Aldis with the 10 punches in the corner. Aldis reversed it into a Power Bomb. Aldis put Shelley in a Cloverleaf.

Shelley got to the bottom rope for the rope break. Aldis used a power Irish whip to slam Shelley into the buckle. Shelley gave Aldis’s knee a basement dropkick so Shelley came back with a shove.

Aldis hits Shelley with a pumphandle suplex. Aldis works on Shelley with methodical offense. Shelley went for a dive but Aldis caught Shelley and hit him with a suplex. Shelley got a moment of respite after giving Aldis’s leg a dragon screw on the bottom rope.

Shelley gave Aldis a PK to the hamstring so Shelley continued to focus his kicks on Aldis’s hamstrings. Shelley gave Aldis a baseball slide. Shelley went for another baseball slide but was trapped in the apron.

Aldis sent Shelley’s back into the ringpost. Aldis gave Shelley Snake Eyes on the apron. Aldis went back to his methodical offense. Shelley escape a suplex and gave Aldis a stunner on the ropes. Shelley hit Aldis’s hands with a slingshot double stomp. Aldis gave Shelley a thumb to the eye. Shelley came back by shoving Aldis into the ring post. Shelley trapped Aldis’s fingers into the turnbuckle screw and tortured Aldis.

Shelley gave Aldis another stomp to the hands. Shelley gave Aldis another dragon screw against the ropes. Shelley hit Aldis with a chop block. Aldis gave Shelley a thumb to the eye and slammed his face into the mat.

Shelley went back to twisting Aldis’s injured hand. Aldis came back with a desperation lariat for a two count. Shelley and Aldis made their way to the top rope. Shelley hit Aldis with a superplex.

Shelley and Aldis had a slugfest in the center of the ring. Shelley backs down Aldis with chops. Shelley hit Aldis with a Flatliner into the buckle. Aldis reversed a Superkick. Shelley blocked a Cloverleaf attempt. Shelley reversed a Figure 4 into a rollup.

Shelley got a two count after a Sliced Bread before Aldis reversed a Crossface into a pin attempt. Shelley escaped a Cloverleaf by giving Aldis a wishbone snap to the injured hand.

Aldis reversed a Sliced Bread into a piledriver for a near fall. Aldis hit Shelley with an elbow drop for a near fall. Aldis drags the Impact World Title into the ring. Shelley superkicks Aldis and drops the Impact World Title. Shelley teased hitting Aldis to return the favor from a few weeks ago. Shelley decided to not do it.

While the referee was distracted Aldis gave Shelley a low blow and Michinoku Driver for the two count. Aldis tried to hit Shelley in the head with the Impact World Title but Shelley recovered and DDT’d Aldis on the Impact World Title to bust him open. Shelley nails Aldis with Shell Shocked for the victory.

Winner & Still Impact World Champion: Alex Shelley (16:31) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match Josh Alexander makes his return & stares down with Shelley.