Indie Wrestler Shot And Killed By A Police Officer On Administrative Leave After Lyft Incident

Several local news and media outlets in Union City, Georgia, report that Indie wrestling star Reginald “Reggie” Folks was shot and killed by a police officer on administrative leave after being arrested in late 2023 due to drug charges. Folks was working as a Lyft driver and was giving a ride to Koby Minor, who was with the Atlanta Police Department for six years before he was put on leave.

Union City Police Department notes that Folks picked Minor up via Lyft to bring him home the morning of May 15th and at some point during the ride, Minor believed that Folk was in a gay fraternity and was trying to kidnap and recruit him into it. Minor then reportedly heard what he thought was another voice in his ear talking to him but did not say what the voice said and Minor also believed Folk was speaking to someone on his phone in another language.

Minor then attempted to get out of the vehicle but was unable to do so, and when the car came to an intersection, he shot Folks in the head, broke a window, and flagged down a bystander, giving her the story he mentioned for why he did what he did. Minor was then arrested, and he was charged with aggravated assault and murder. Minor, who is still in jail, then resigned from his job. Updates will be provided on the situation once it becomes available.