Internal WWE Belief Regarding The Possibility Of Signing Kazuchika Okada

Kazuchika Okada will have to make a big decision about his future in the wrestling business because he is a free agent, but he will work out the remaining NJPW dates he has until February 24.

He has interest from both AEW and WWE. All Elite Wrestling is reportedly confident in landing him after making a substantial offer, and they have tentative plans for him.

Regarding his WWE status, there has been talk between the two sides, and Okada has reached out to those on the roster “to gauge his offers, WWE’s approach, and to help weigh a decision.”

While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer stated that WWE officials believe it comes down to Okada’s desire to join the promotion, and if he does, he will accept the higher AEW offer.

“The impression I got is AEW has the higher offer, and WWE has gone with the idea that if Okada wants to come to WWE, he’ll come to WWE. Both sides have, you can go look at it on paper, depends on what Okada is….basically depends on what his goal is right now in life. If his goal is to have the most worldwide exposure at this point in his career, then WWE is the place to go. The build-up name, WWE, the place to go to make the most money possible; AEW, the place to go, if it’s to have the best matches possible, AEW place to go, if it’s to have the best schedule; AEW place to go. Whatever he wants, if his goal was fame, then you got one way. If his goal is money, you’re gonna go the other way, whose goal is to have the most good matches, you go the other way. If you’re talking about your body and want to have it the easiest. That’s a debatable one. AEW, you’d be talking about harder-style wrestling, but not as many matches.”

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