Janel Grant Claims She Was Forced To Write A ‘Love Letter’ To Vince McMahon

Janel Grant claims she was forced to send a “love letter” to Vince McMahon..

McMahon was accused of sex trafficking, sharing nude photos and explicit videos of Grant without Grant’s consent, and other allegations made by the former WWE employee. The lawsuit also names the company and former WWE executive John Laurnatis.

The New York Post obtained the letter, which was sent on December 24, 2021, in which she referred to him as “my best friend, my love, and my everything.”

“After almost 3 years together, it’s like my life isn’t even real to me unless you’re there and in it, and I’m sharing it all with you,” Grant wrote.

Ann Callis, Grant’s attorney, stated that McMahon directed Grant to write it. “Frankly it’s pretty disgusting that Vince’s weeks-late attempt to defend his horrendous behavior — behavior he claims to this day never happened — is to try to showcase letters that Vince himself coerced her to write. His psychological torture of her continues — as is typical of abusive predators who respond to women speaking out with increased threats. While Janel isn’t a stranger to his intimidation tactics, this is a new low even for him.”

McMahon’s attorney, Jessica Taub Rosenberg of Kasowitz Benson Torres, stated, “This is revisionist history. No one coerced Ms. Grant to write that letter. She wrote it of her own accord. The fact that the letter shows it was the 24th draft speaks volumes.”

This is the same law firm that represented MLW in their $20 million settlement with WWE.

Three days before the letter, Grant texted McMahon that she had surgery on her pointing finger. “How will I write your letter?” Grant replied in the text thread. “I can type and read it…or try to write in a couple days,” Grant added. “I’m so sorry if I mess this up, I want you to have a nice letter :(“

Grant’s representative stated that she had written letters at McMahon’s request but had to pad them with existing pop culture material.