Josh Alexander On IMPACT Wrestling Being Rebranded As TNA, The X-Division

(Photo Credit: Impact)

TNA Wrestling star Josh Alexander appeared on an episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including IMPACT Wrestling being rebranded as TNA.

Alexander said, “You got to think that locker room is full of TNA fans, people that grew up watching the likes of you know Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Gail Kim, Awesome Kong like our knockouts locker room has to be you know, the majority inspired by the likes of Gail Kim and awesome calm because like women’s wrestling wasn’t highlighted to let them just go out there and wrestle for ten plus minutes until the knockouts division started in TNA. Then the same goes for me, and I will offer that we have similar stories. We’re both inspired by the likes of Samoa Joe and AJ Styles in this exhibition stuff that was highlighted in a time when we didn’t think that was possible.”

On TNA legend Kurt Angle:

“When you look up to somebody like I look up to Kurt, you know, I have a long list of people I’ve looked up to and studied over the years, and Kurt’s right at the top of it. So for him to critique my matches and the work I do, man, it’s nerve-wracking. But it’ll be a learning experience for all of us.”

How the X-Division made TNA Wrestling what it is today.

“Yeah, it definitely did because it showed a different type of pro wrestling and honestly inspired a whole generation because, for me, in 2005, I was 18 years old. When I look at WWE, I’m looking at Batista, and Randy Orton and all these larger than life guys that I know I’m not six foot three, I’m not 245 pounds of muscle. There’s no way I can do that. But then I saw someone like AJ Styles or Loki or Samoa Joe, and I’m just like, You know what, maybe there is a spot where I can get into this where I can find success as well.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.