Kevin Kelly Finishing Up His Run With NJPW Soon

Kevin Kelly will be wrapping up his run with New Japan Pro Wrestling soon.

The longtime pro wrestling commentator, who has also been working in All Elite Wrestling lately as part of the AEW Collision broadcast team, announced on Twitter (X) today that he plans to finish up his run with NJPW in the near future.

“I am at some point soon but I’ll leave it to New Japan to announce it or not. I plan on calling Destruction at Ryogoku and Wrestle Kingdom/ New Year Dash,” he wrote when responding to a fan. “My wife of 32 years said she doesn’t want to be alone anymore so that’s why I made the decision.”

Who does he think will fill his spot?

“Someone who can be in Japan all the time that has wrestling experience but is not affiliated with another company,” he wrote to another fan. “Someone that can grow into and with the product. I’m hoping the new guy I picked isn’t viewed as a ‘replacement’ but rather creates his own sound and story.”