Kurt Angle Recalls Being An Assh*le Towards WWE After Jumping To IMPACT

Kurt Angle was once very angry and bitter towards WWE.

During the latest installment of his official podcast, “The Kurt Angle Show,” the WWE and IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame legend reflected on lashing out at WWE for years while in IMPACT Wrestling.

“Well, I was so angry at the WWE. I had a painkiller problem,” Angle said. “I was getting injured quite a bit, and they had me working my butt off full-time. You know, I just wanted some time off. And I started lashing out at Vince McMahon and everybody else, and I was pretty much an asshole.”

Angle continued, “I look back, and I think, you know what? I’m the one that got myself into that situation. You know, the thing is, Vince and the company and everybody, they were dodging me. They weren’t answering my calls. I was really reaching out. I really wanted help, and nobody was really helping me out. When I look back at it now, I’m like. It’s nobody’s fault but mine. And I realized that. So I, you know, I went public and said, listen, it wasn’t the WWE’s fault. It was my fault. And I take the blame for it.”

Check out the complete episode of the show via the YouTube player embedded below. H/T to WrestlingHeadlines.com for transcribing the above quotes.