Liv Morgan Addresses Her Relationship Status And Dating Life

Liv Morgan was interviewed by Open Thoughts and asked about her relationship status and dating life. Here is what Liv said.

“[Is it hard to date?] Yeah. Yeah, but I feel like also it’s like what are your priorities. Like, right now, like, my priorities are not to date. It’s like to be the best that I can be. And I know, like, I’m a little bit selfish with my time right now. Like, I don’t really wanna give you my time and take away from me trying to be great.

[Have you met a good man?] Yeah, there’s a lot of good men. [Do you give some people like chances, like, let me see?] If you really blow me away. Like, if I’m blown away then it’s like: ‘Maybe I will, you know, put effort into this.’ But, like, other than that, it’s mostly like I’m just about my work and I just, I’m trying to be great.”

You can check out the interview below: