Maria Kanellis Explains How Her Views Have Changed On The WWE Divas Era

AEW/ROH star Maria Kanellis recently spoke with Monopoly Events’ For The Love Of Wrestling on a number of topics including how many women have said they got into the wrestling business because of the WWE Divas.

Kanellis said, “I’ve had so many women today that are in AEW, that are wrestling in AEW, that are sometimes in black and white on AEW, that are sometimes working in Japan and also in AEW, that are these incredible wrestlers, that have come up and said ‘I got into wrestling because of the Divas.”

On how her views have changed on the WWE Divas Era:

“My views have changed over the years. They really have. There was a time where I was like ‘Ugh, Divas. I don’t like that word, I don’t want to be a part of it.’ But now, I have this appreciation, because it’s almost like looking through the eyes of your children and seeing things for the first time. And saying ‘Oh my gosh, I really did influence women back then.’”

You can check out Kanellis’ comments in the video below.