Mercedes Mone Reveals Tony Khan Helped Her With Family Emergency This Week

Mercedes Mone got some help from the boss man of AEW this week.

The TBS Women’s Champion wrote in her newsletter that Tony Khan offered to let her use his private jet to fly home to deal with a health emergency that her younger brother was dealing with on Wednesday.

“This newsletter covers some heavy hearted parts of myself, but this week also came with much more than I could have anticipated during my match in Iowa. Game face on, battling more internal chaos than I am even remotely giving off, in a time that I felt once again that I was handling it all on my own, I was so utterly surprised to find that over 20 of my cousins, aunts, uncles and dearest family friends had come to watch me do what I love, not because they love wrestling – but because of their love and support for me. Many of whom weren’t even aware yet of what was happening at that same moment of time across the states with my brother.

Not only was seeing my family such a surprise but another blessing I received came from the immediate response as I called Tony Khan to relay what was going on. Without hesitation, Tony said he would help.

He took me back on his jet headed to Jacksonville and made it a point to stop in Orlando. No lie, I’m actually crying tears of joy and gratitude as I write this. I’m so blessed and grateful to be working at a company like AEW and have a leader whose motto is ‘family first.’

And I think that truly goes to show how much love and support is around us, even when we least expect it. I wrestled knowing the universe has me, that I am supported and loved and that, like Joshua, I am powerful too. For my whole support system while being in Iowa to be able and exactly when/where I needed them – it’s a reminder of the importance of having faith and staying in your power.”

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