MLW Slaughterhouse Review – October 14, 2023

MLW Slaughterhouse Review – October 14, 2023

Tag Team Chamber Of Horrors Match
2nd Gear Crew (Matthew Justice & Mance Warner) vs. The Calling (Cannonball & Talon)

2nd Gear Crew & The Calling start brawling on the outside before the match starts as the 2nd Gear Crew double chokeslams Talon on top of a gurney and attacks him with a chair before sending him inside to officially start the match.

2nd Gear Crew starts attacking Cannonball with multiple chair shots and whips Talon into a wooden board in the corner. Cannonball fights them both off as Talon is able to join in the chaos.

They start stapling both Matthew Justice & Mance Warner all over their bodies and send Warner into another wooden board. Justice starts fighting off The Calling with a steel chair before Warner piledrives Talon on top of a pumpkin.

They put another pumpkin on top of Cannonball before Justice lands off the top rope with a steel chair. Justice hits a Swanton off the steel cage onto Cannonball in the other corner with the wooden board in between them as all 4 men are laid out for a while.

They put Talon onto the chair of torture pull the lever and electrify him to win the match.

Winners: 2nd Gear Crew (8:46)
Rate: 4

We got a video for Miyu Yamashita of TJPW coming soon to MLW.

Sam Laterna is with Rocky Romero & Salina De La Renta match and asks Romero how he is feeling. Salina says this isn’t about feelings it’s about history and business and tonight they are showing why Promociones Dorado runs Major League Wrestling.

Sam Laterna then heads to the stage and brings out 1 Called Manders and says he won the coin toss to spin the wheel and make the deal for his match tonight against Rickey Shane Page & the wheel lands in a Falls Count Anywhere stipulation. Manders says his boys whipped ass tonight and so will him to give 2nd Gear Crew a 2-0 record.

Winner Takes All Match
Akira (Middleweight) vs. Rocky Romero (NWA World Historic Welterweight)

Akira puts his hand out to start the match but Rocky Romero spits at it as they take it to the mat with multiple suplex attempts until Akira dragon screws Romero a couple of times. Akira stays on the attack hitting a dropkick in the corner for a two count.

They start chopping each other on the apron before Romero suplexes Akira right off before Romero follows with a double stomp before they head back to the inside where Romero keeps Akira in the corner with chops.

Romero tries Forever Clotheslines but Akira is able to catch Romero in an arm bar but Romero escapes out and puts one on himself then they start trading forearms until Akira hits a Saito Suplex and a running knee.

After hitting a German suplex Akira puts on the STF but Romero is able to grab the bottom rope. Salina gets on the apron but members of The Calling try to interfere just for Salina to take them out with a kendo stick.

Romero hits Akira with a suicide dive then sends him inside and hits 2 back 2 back Sliced Rocky but it only gets a two count. Akira tries Death Penalty from the top rope but Romero counters it with another Sliced Rocky for a two count.

They start trading kicks before Akira hits a double stomp for a two count. Romero escapes Death Penalty and sends Akira into the referee in the corner then hits a low blow followed by Sunset Driver to get the win.

Winner & Still NWA World Historic Welterweight Champion & New Middleweight Champion: Rocky Romero (16:14) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!! & NEW CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 7

National Openweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match
Ricky Shane Page (c) vs. 1 Called Manders

Rickey Shane Page attacks 1 Called Manders during his entrance as the bell rings to start the match on the outside as he goes for the pin already. RSP starts whipping his jacket on Manders and choking him out with it before grabbing a steel chain.

Manders attacks RSP in the corner and takes him out with a flying shoulder tackle then grabs a steel chain and jacket to use right back on RSP before they take it to the outside as Manders sends a chair into RSP getting a two count.

Manders props a chair into the corner, but RSP sends Manders into it instead before RSP sets chairs up on the outside but Manders fights him off and sends RSP through them with a spinebuster.

The Calling’s goons start attacking Manders but Manders takes them all out with weapons and a piledriver.

Manders uses a cowbell on RSP before they take it to the back but the cameras don’t stay with them as the commentary says they will update us on them but the show must continue on for now.

Winner: No One (Match still going on)

Before the Featherweight Title match we cut to RSP & Manders fighting in the back for a quick moment

Featherweight Title Match
Delmi Exo (c) vs. Janai Kai

Delmi Exo & Janai Kai starts this match off by trading attempts at taking each other down before rolling on the mat with submission and pin attempts. They run the ropes a bit before Kai puts on a Dragon Sleeper but Exo fights out and hits a Russian leg sweep.

Exo heads to the top rope but Salina De La Renta distracts her as Kai takes out Exo on the apron. Kai starts kicking away at Exo in the corner continuing on the ropes to get a two count. Kai keeps kicking away until Exo stops her with a trap suplex.

Exo starts attacking Kai in the corner but Kai escapes to the outside getting met with a dropkick off the apron by Exo.

Inside the ring Exo catches Kai off the ropes with a spinebuster for a two count and attempts the Delmi Driver just for Kai to counter with a throw and continue with the rapid kicks.

Kai fights her way out of another Delmi Driver attempt as she lands more kicks and puts Exo into the Dragon Sleeper & Exo has no choice but to tap out.

Winner By Submission & New Featherweight Champion: Janai Kai (8:52) (NEW CHAMPION!!!!!)
Rate: 5

We go to RSP & Manders continues to fight in the back as they head into the boiler room as commentary mentions how the match is officially still going on.

Minoru Suzuki vs. Jacob Fatu

Match starts off with a lock up then Jacob Fatu starts the chop battle and Minoru Suzuki laughs them off. Fatu bodyslams Suzuki and starts striking Suzuki on the apron but Suzuki traps on the scissors and snaps Fatu’s finger back as they take it to the outside.

They start brawling against the apron and barricade as Suzuki knocks Fatu and heads back inside. Suzuki puts on a heel hook but Fatu is able to roll over and grab the bottom rope.

They run the ropes until Fatu catches Suzuki for a Samoan Drop and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count as Fatu stays in control by smashing Suzuki in the corner for another two count but Suzuki comes back with a PK.

They go into the chop & strike exchange but Fatu finishes the sequence with a Falcon Arrow for a two count. Suzuki escapes out of a spinning Uranage and puts on the sleeper hold followed by Gotch Style Piledriver to get the win.

Winner: Minoru Suzuki (11:01)
Rate: 7

After the match both men show respect.

We go back to RSP & Manders fighting inside of the ring truck as RSP hits a rolling elbow for a two count.

We get a promo for their next event Fightland on November 18th as Joe Dombrowski says Salina De La Renta has brokered a deal to see CMLL luchadores making their debut at that event.

National Openweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match
Ricky Shane Page (c) vs. 1 Called Manders (Part 2)

Rickey Shane Page & 1 Called Manders have found their way back ringside as Manders uses one of the set tombstones on RSP as they are back in the ring now. RSP takes Manders down with a crossbody and hits a top rope splash to get a two count.

RSP goes to find something under the ring but Manders takes him out with a heat seeking missile and hits a suplex on the outside for a two count. Manders finds half of a pumpkin from the opening match puts it on RSP, and hits a Dusty Rhodes elbow.

They start fighting up the ramp as all the set tombstones are used on each other. Manders picks up RSP and sends him through the wooden board against the apron to get a two count.

Akira makes his way down to the ring but RSP pushes Akira into Manders & that distracting him as RSP follows with Raven Effect on the cement to get the win.

Winner & Still National Openweight Champion: Ricky Shane Page (46:37) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

After the match Akira gets in RSP’s face for what he did but RSP shoves him down & walks to the back.

MLW World Title Match
Alex Kane (c) vs. Tom Lawlor

Alex Kane & Tom Lawlor starts the match off by trying to take each other down with Kane having the upper hand. Lawlor starts kicking away at Kane but Kane takes him down.

They keep going back & forth with takedown attempts and submission attempts before trading forearms. Kane throws Lawlor sending him to the apron where he knocks him down and hits Lawlor with a splash on the apron.

Lawlor takes off his shorts revealing trunks underneath and starts choking out Kane with them before running a lap around the ring to take out Kane with a kick. Lawlor stays in the control inside as he chops Kane in all the corners.

Kane is able to escape and send Lawlor into the corner with an exploder suplex then Lawlor drives Kane shoulder-first into the ring post as they head up to the top rope where Kane suplexes Lawlor down with an overhead t bone suplex.

Kane continues with suplexes but Lawlor stops him with kicks and knees by getting a two count. Kane stops a running kick attempt from Lawlor and puts on a single leg crab that Lawlor turns into a Triangle choke.

Kane powers out and powerbomb his way out for a two count then they trade hard and fast strikes with Kane knocking Lawlor down with a clothesline for a two count.

Lawlor hits the Nasty Knee On The Brain for a two count before calling for a sleeper hold but Kane reverses and puts one of his own before Lawlor reverses it again. Kane steps off the corner and lands on Lawlor for the win.

Winner & Still MLW World Champion: Alex Kane (17:28) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match Alex Kane gets on the mic and says this is his house but Matt Cardona comes out with Mister Saint Laurent to interrupt him. Cardona says he just flew from Australia to be here and says he should be MLW World Champion especially in this building in Philadelphia since he’s an ECW original. They start arguing about how many Twitter followers they have as Tom Lawlor attacks Mr. Thomas from behind with a chair and Kane & Cardona start fighting on the outside to close out Slaughterhouse.