Moose Reveals His Mount Rushmore Of TNA Wrestlers, Talks The Return Of TNA Wrestling

TNA World Champion Moose recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet on a number of topics including his Mount Rushmore of TNA wrestlers.

Moose said, “That’s easy, that’s very easy. AJ Styles Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and Kurt Angle.”

He also talked about the return of TNA Wrestling.

“[It feels] great. It is something that within the boys that we’ve always talked about and we’ve always said to each other, like, what if TNA came back and we weren’t Impact Wrestling anymore, and we were just TNA? I didn’t know personally, they never told me anything. I’m the last person that finds out about anything that’s going on. And I remember the night. I think Josh [Alexander] was in the main event. And everybody was like, make sure you watch the monitors after the match. In my head, I was like, what’s going on? Is CM Punk coming in? Because he was a free agent. Is CM Punk coming in? No way like, well, I’m going to watch the monitor and then the match is over and the reveal happens and there was a reaction video and you can see me jump up, get on the chair and start chanting, TNA, TNA, TNA like with the rest of the boys. I think that was probably the most epic part of the last year for us.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.