Moose Reveals One Of The Main Reasons He Decided To Stay With TNA

TNA World Champion Moose recently spoke with Denise Salcedo on a number of topics including one of the main reasons he decided to stay with the company.

Moose said, “First of all, let me talk about that tweet. A lot of people don’t know my relationship with Scott [Scott D’Amore]. Scott is one of the reasons why I decided to stay with TNA and not leave. One of the biggest reasons was my relationship with Scott. He plays the role of my boss. He also plays the role of mentor, friend, and a big brother. That’s one thing I’m never going to get with wherever I decide to go, if I were to leave TNA. With that tweet, Scott was like, ‘Don’t tell people I called you chubby, I don’t want to get canceled. I understand where we are in 2024, but that was the truth. If you didn’t tell me that, that wouldn’t give me the fire to make the change. I don’t mind you tell me that. I love you telling me that. I’m the only person he would ever say that to. He would never say that to anybody else but me because of our relationship. I wasn’t going to go into the rebrand of TNA looking how I looked in that picture. I was going to try and make my main event of the first-ever rebrand TNA pay-per-view, I was going to try ad come in looking the best possible shape I could be in, god damn it really I don’t see it here.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)