Natalya Comments On 17-Year Anniversary Of Day She Signed With WWE

Natalya is a WWE women’s legend.

And today is a big day in her legendary career.

The women’s wrestling legend and Guinness Book of Records’ favorite female wrestler took to X today to release a statement commemorating the 17-year anniversary of the day she signed her first contract with WWE.

“Today is 17 years since I signed with WWE,” she wrote. “And my love for this business has only grown. I have never taken a single day for granted, because I learned early, that the amazing position I have is leased, never owned.”

She continued, “So wherever the next 17 takes us, just know I’ll be calling someone B*tch! (IYKYK!) and locking them in Sharpshooter. Because this isn’t a career for me. It’s my life. ?”

Check out the post below, and congrats to Natalya on 17 years as a WWE Superstar.