New Match Confirmed For MLW Blood & Thunder On July 12

MLW (Major League Wrestling) recently announced that Matt Riddle will take on TNA star “The Death Machine” Sami Callihan in a No Ropes Death Match on Friday, July 12 at the Blood & Thunder event from the Coliseum in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida.

You can check out the full announcement below:

Riddle vs. Callihan No Ropes Death Match, July 12 in St Petersburg, Florida

Riddle rumbles with Callihan in the ultimate underground environment

Major League Wrestling (MLW) have announced a No Ropes Death Match! Matt Riddle vs. Sami Callihan at MLW Blood & Thunder ’24, from the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL on Friday, July 12.

MLW is proud to announce the highly anticipated main event for Blood & Thunder, live from the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL, on July 12. Fans worldwide can witness this match live and free on MLW’s YouTube Channel.

In the ultimate underground environment, Matt Riddle will face off against Sami Callihan in a No Ropes Death Match.

Before Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was recognized as an organized sport, it was known as No Holds Barred (NHB) fighting. NHB was a savage and violent form of combat with no ropes, no gloves, no rounds, and no rules. This death match will revive that primal intensity, pushing both competitors to their limits with high stakes: Riddle’s title shot will be on the line.

In this ultimate underground environment known as a No Ropes Death match, the ropes come down and there are no rules. Anything goes. In order to win, you must take your opponent to the end and beat him either by knockout, pin, tapout, or referee stoppage.

Sami Callihan, known as the “Callihan Death Machine,” has a storied history of violence and success in death matches where chaos and pain reign supreme. His nickname was earned through years of unrelenting brutality and dominance in such matches. Callihan is on a mission to prove he is the undisputed king of this violent spectacle and finally secure his title shot.

Matt Riddle, on the other hand, is driven by a different goal. He has been on a quest to finish what he started six years ago in MLW: to become the MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Since his return to MLW last December, Riddle has been undefeated. His victory at Battle RIOT VI secured him a title shot he can cash in anytime, anywhere. However, this title shot will be on the line in his confrontation with Callihan.

The animosity between Riddle and Callihan has been simmering, reaching a boiling point during a brawl at MLW Anniversary ’24 in Atlanta’s Center Stage over the weekend. Callihan, feeling disrespected and overlooked by Riddle, challenged the “King of Bros” to a No Ropes Death Match for Blood & Thunder. Riddle, in a bold move, accepted the challenge, putting his title shot on the line.

This match raises a critical question: could Riddle have made a strategic blunder by accepting a match that heavily favors Callihan’s brutal style? Has Callihan checkmated Riddle into an environment where the “Callihan Death Machine” thrives?

The outcome of this No Ropes Death Match could reshape MLW, as the league enjoys a new age. Will Riddle’s quest for championship glory continue, or will Callihan’s reign of terror prevail?

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