Nic Nemeth And Matt Cardona Reference The Rock And Cody Rhodes At GCW Event

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Nic Nemeth battled Matt Cardona at GCW’s Coldest Winter 2 on Saturday night in front of a sold-out crowd at the Ukrainian Culture Center in Los Angeles, California.

As the match started, Cardona took the mic and told Nemeth while he was sitting at home the past two years receiving a paycheck, he [Cardona] became the Indy God and Deathmatch King. Cardona called Nemeth a part-timer, trying to come into his ring and take his spot. He asked Nemeth,“You think you’re The Rock or something, bro?

He finished by telling Nemeth he should lie down in the ring and let him pin him so he could finish his story. Nemeth layed on the canvas; however, when Cardona’s back is towards him, he pops up and connects with a super kick once Cardona turned around.

The Rock and Cody references did not stop there. Later in the match, Cardona made the motions and completed the People’s Elbow for a two-count. Nemeth made a comeback and hit a Cross Rhodes on Cardona for a two-count.

The match saw interferences between Steph de Lander and Nic’s brother, Ryan Nemeth. In the end, Nemeth hit his Zig Zag to put Cardona down for the three-count in a successful GCW debut.