Nick Gage Comments On His Encounter With Jeff Hardy At GCW Event

Indie star Nick Gage recently spoke with MuscleManMalcom on a variety of topics including his interaction with AEW star Jeff Hardy at a GCW event was a dream come true as Jeff paved the way for a lot of people in the wrestling business.

Gage said, “Dream come true. Another guy who paved the way for a lot of people in this business, especially this craft that people are applying now, the young generation, they’re young to me. Coming up, he paved the way for a lot of guys who are doing their thing right now. It was an honor to be in there with him. Super cool guy. Friendly in the back, everybody was cool with him. We always love having people like Jeff Hardy come through GCW.”

Gage also spoke about how he would wrestle Jeff Hardy anytime, anywhere and any place.

“I would wrestle Jeff Hardy anytime, anywhere, any place. I’ll wrestle anybody. Of course, I win. I would put the pizza cutter to his forehead and I feel like he might be crying a little bit and then I would hit him with the double piledriver powerbomb. Blow him up and pin him.”

You can check out the full podcast in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)