NJPW Road To Destruction In Kobe Night 1 Results – September 8, 2023

NJPW Road To Destruction In Kobe Night 1 Results – September 8, 2023

Location: Tokyo Japan
Venue: Korakuen Hall

Tag Team Match
Just 2 Guys (Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Douki) vs. Ryusuke Taguchi & Yoh

Douki & Yoh starts this match off by trading wristlocks and side headlocks before Douki charges down Yoh then an armdrag and a dropkick has Douki in trouble so Yoshinobu Kanemaru tries to help but he’s made to run the ropes to the point of exhaustion with the help of Ryusuke Taguchi then he connects with Kokeshi after Kanemaru fell to the mat.

Douki gets taken to the corner for a barrage of running elbows from Yoh before things went awry for Taguchi in the corner & Douki shoves his pipe up Taguchi’s ass.

Kanemaru is back to try and get a pin on Taguchi but Taguchi is able to withstand and get free to tag in Yoh & he clears house before he hits a Vader Bomb Elbow on Douki for a two count.

An enziguiri from Douki buys him some time then Kanemaru tags in but Taguchi is not too far behind him as running hip attacks caught Taguchi by the ropes then 3 Amigos from Taguchi almost got the win but Kanemaru goes for the eyes before a pair of hip attacks with Yoh floors Kanemaru.

Douki pulls Yoh to the outside then evaded a hip attack as the turnaround leads to a slam and an Kanemaru misses an moonsault & that sparks a parade of moves leading to the Bummer Ye for a near fall then Oh My & Garankle before a spinning toe hold from Taguchi gets countered into a cradle.

Another hip attack gets countered from Kanemaru & he rolls up Taguchi instead for the win

Winners: Just 2 Guys (11:17)
Rate: 5

8 Man Tag Team Match
Strong Style (Minoru Suzuki, Ren Narita & El Desperado) & Tomoaki Honma vs. Yuji Nagata, Shota Umino, Master Wato & Oskar Leube

Match starts off with Minoru Suzuki & Yuji Nagata laying into each other with palm strikes. before a big boot from Nagata took Suzuki down as those two continued to scrap despite Master Wato & El Desperado tagging in.

Wato’s front kick similarly has Desperado down leading up to some more kicks before Tomoaki Honma came in to throw some chops & that led to a Kokeshi which of course misses as Oskar Leube tags in and began to put the boots to Honma.

An overhand chop stung Honma in the corner as Nagata tag in to keep it going as did Shota Umino but all of a sudden Suzuki rams the ring to boot Nagata off the apron.

We see a dropkick through the ropes from Umino as he proceeded to send Ren Narita into the guard rails that leaves Honma by himself as Leube tags in but instead everyone had their go on the downed Honma. Umino almost laughs off Honma’s attempt to fight back.

Honma breaks free and tags in Narita & he homed in on Umino as a half hatch bridging suplex drew a two count. Umino is back with the slam facebuster and a diving uppercut before a fisherman suplex drew a near fall.

They go back to strikes from there with Narita finding a way in with a modified Cobra Twist but it’s broken out of as a release exploder threw Narita aside. Leube is back to charge through Narita with shoulder tackles before a front kick took Narita down.

A bodyslam is next for a two count before Suzuki headbutts away a Boston Crab on his teammate. Things break down a little from there into a parade of moves before another powerslam from Leube almost puts Narita away.

Leube misses a leg drop from there as it came crashing down from there with Narita’s spinning heel kick and t bone suplex almost getting the win before the Cobra Twist forces Leube to submit.

Winners By Submission: Strong Style & Tomoaki Honma (13:08)
Rate: 7

6 Man Tag Team Match
Chaos (IWGP Tag Team Champions Hirooki Goto & Yoshi Hashi & Toru Yano) vs. TMDK (Shane Haste, Mikey Nicholls & Bad Dude Tito)

Match begins with Mikey Nicholls chops Yoshi Hashi ahead of an exchange of elbows then a retort from Yoshi Hashi has Nicholls staggering into the ropes but he is able to return with a shoulder tackle before Hirooki Goto helps Yoshi Hashi out by hip tossing him onto Nicholls.

Toru Yano gets the tag in next against Bad Dude Tito & Tito tries to stop Yano removing the corner pad but to no avail as Yano just ends up bopping him on the head then Yano runs out to tag in Goto & he gets drill to the mat with a shoulder tackle.

Nicholls tags back in on Goto & he is grounding him with some face raking before Shane Haste returns to help on a neckbreaker/back suplex combo for a two count.

Goto gets to the ropes to stop a submission attempt but he struggled to get out of the TMDK corner until Tito charges him into a neutral corner for some forearms and chops.

Tito’s clothesline keeps Goto down ahead of an overhead wristlock as Goto was having a bad time of it in the TMDK corner. Nicholls misses a clothesline which gave Goto time to clear the TMDK corner then hit a lariat of his own before he made the tag out to Yoshi Hashi.

They trade elbows but a neckbreaker and shoulder tackle puts Yoshi Hashi in front ahead of a dropkick to the back after Nicholls had been hung up in the ropes.

A spinebuster gives Nicholls time as Haste returned to dropkick Yoshi Hashi into the corner follow by a leg lariat and a cannonball before a Falcon Arrow from Haste almost got the win. Yoshi Hashi buys himself some time with a low dropkick to Haste as Yano tags in and sent Haste into the exposed corner.

Yano comes close from a roll up but TMDK swarm and isolate Yano with charges into the corner then a similar response with Yoshi Hashi as Goto helps Yano to another roll up before Nicholls & Haste drill Yano to the mat with Highway To Hell to score the win.

Winners: TMDK (13:56)
Rate: 6

8 Man Tag Team Match
NEVER Openweight 6 Man Tag Team Champions Chaos (Kazuchika Okada & Tomohiro Ishii) & Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yuto Nakashima vs. TenKoji (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima), Togi Makabe & Tiger Mask IV

Both teams before the bell as we start with Tomohiro Ishii & Hiroyoshi Tenzan before Togi Makabe had even taken off his chain. Mongolian Chops from Tenzan have Ishii down to his knees but a brainbuster gets fought out of by Ishii before Tenzan hits it on the 2nd attempt.

Tiger Mask, Satoshi Kojima & Togi Makabe come in as Ishii’s left isolated for some triple teaming while Tenzan recovers leading to a powerslam from Makabe. Tiger Mask is in against Hiroshi Tanahashi & Tiger Mask is throwing kicks to keep Tanahashi down before Tanahashi gets hit with a dragon screw.

Tanahashi tries to return the favour but gets slap down and thrown back into the corner as Makabe returns. Kazuchika Okada is in next & he offers his chin up to Makabe & he gladly took him up on the offer as Makabe followed up with mounted punches in the corner.

Okada blocks a follow up Northern Lights as they go back to throwing elbows as Yuto Nakashima came in to hit a hiptoss then struggle on a bodyslam attempt before the bodyslam lands as Nakashima’s attempt to clear the opposite apron to make Kojima mad & Nakashima gets knocked down.

Nakashima refocused on Makabe by taking him to the corner as a tag brings Tanahashi back in to hit a slam and an elbow drop then Ishii is in too diverting his attention to knock Tenzan off the apron as things begin to fall apart with Tiger Mask now trading shots with Ishii.

Okada just watches on as the referee eventually separated them before Kojima Machine Gun chops Okada in the corner. Nakashima stops the follow up trip up top but a DDT stops Nakashima in his tracks before Kojima took down Okada with a Koji Cutter.

A neckbreaker slam from Okada drops Kojima as we follow up with a Money Clip but Tenzan’s headbutts stop those while an Anaconda Buster drops Ishii as he came in for a fight. Okada tries to dispatch Tenzan but instead Ishii takes him out with an lariat as Okada & Tanahashi had to separate Ishii from Tenzan.

Things break down again as the pull apart fails with Tenzan throwing aside the referee to keep stomping on Ishii & Tenzan is even going after his own partners before the referee threw this one out.

Winners: No One (No Contest) (14:08)
Rate: 6

8 Man Tag Team Match
Los Ingobernables De Japon (Junior Heavyweight Champion Hiromu Takahashi, 2023 G1 Climax Winner Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi & Yota Tsuji) vs. United Empire (Callum Newman, Jeff Cobb, Great O Khan & Henare)

Shingo Takagi & Great O Khan try out a test of strength before some back & forth ends with Takagi getting charged down off the ropes. O Khan goes for the ear as he took Takagi into the corner but Takagi is able to recover with a hiptoss as Hiromu Takahashi tags in to help charge down O Khan.

A clothesline into the corner from Takahashi led to O Khan just picking up and dumping Takahashi to the outside as all hell broke loose on the floor then Takahashi gets taken up into the crowd as O-Khan just sits on him on the bleachers.

Back inside the ring Takahashi gets launched into the corner by O Khan as Callum Newman tags in & he does some rope running ahead of a kick to Takahashi.

Jeff Cobb is in for a one armed stalling suplex on Takahashi while Henare comes in to send Takahashi back to the corner with forearms and body blows. A snapmare and a back senton squashes Takahashi for a two count before a dragon screw took Henare down.

Cobb is in first as Takahashi eventually fought free and tags in Tetsuya Naito & he lands a neckbreaker and a low dropkick to Cobb before a grounded cravat keeps Cobb on the deck but he powers up and tried to throw Naito aside before he caught Naito off the ropes and returns with a dropkick.

Naito tries a swinging DDT, but Cobb blocks it before Callum Newman hits a rana to Yota Tsuji following with a springboard clothesline for a two count. Tsuji ducks a rebound hook kick then slams Newman ahead of an attempted Falcon Arrow it’s stop as a parade of moves broke out ending with Tsuji booting Cobb.

Newman is waiting but gets caught with a gut shot from Cobb before the rebound kick lands at the 2d attempt for Newman & it almost got the win there then a roundhouse kick lands but Newman gets nails with Gene Blaster from Tsuji

Winners: Los Ingobernables De Japon (13:06)
Rate: 6

Television Title Match
Zack Sabre Jr (c) vs. Ryohei Oiwa

Ryohei Oiwa took the fight to Zack Sabre Jr early on by charging down ZSJ off the ropes before things headed outside with ZSJ being introduced to the guard rails then a shoulder tackle on the floor follows as Oiwa continued to dominate in the ring by throwing forearms as ZSJ was back into the corner.

A deadlift gutwrench suplex looks to follow but ZSJ wriggled out onto the apron as Oiwa tried to bring him back in only for ZSJ to drag him down into a cross armbar on the side of the ring. An apron PK followed after ZSJ let go of the hold with ZSJ keeping focus on that arm before heading back in to try and claim a count out win.

ZSJ pounced on Oiwa with a stomp to the elbow after a beaten count and it’s more of the same from there. Oiwa tries to fire back but his arm’s caught and pulls over ZSJ’s shoulder again before a double leg takedown finally bought Oiwa some time. A back elbow off the ropes drops ZSJ ahead of a bridging suplex for a near fall.

Oiwa stays ahead with a bridging German suplex for a near fall before an overhead kick to the arm and a Guillotine Choke drags Oiwa down to the mat.

ZSJ rotates around holds as he’s want to do but Oiwa withstands it all before he got folded in half with a German suplex then popping up Oiwa takes ZSJ down with a dragon screw then traps him with a Figure 4 in the middle of the ring slapping ZSJ down.

ZSJ tries to slap his way free but Oiwa held on before ZSJ got to the ropes only for a teardrop suplex from Oiwa to land for a near fall.

A front kick from ZSJ gets caught but he spins out of a dragon screw and eventually found his way in with triangle headscissors before locking in Clarky Cat for the win.

Winner By Submission & Still Television Champion: Zack Sabre Jr (11:34) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 6

After the match Kaito Kiyomiya gets in ZSJ’s face then had a suggestion for what he was going to do at the Copperbox except he’s not telling us until Kobe.

Tag Team Match
Just 2 Guys (IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Sanada & KOPW 2023 Champion Taichi) vs. House Of Torture (Evil & Sho)

Sanada & Evil start us off but Evil tags out to Sho before they even touched but Sanada returns the favour but Sho bails as Taichi came in playing keep away as Taichi didn’t exactly sprint to chase him. Taichi got his hands on Sho and sends him into the guard rails before Sanada tags in and kept on Sho.

Things spill to the outside as Taichi’s thrown into the East sign while Sho tried to take Sanada out to the West before he instead opted to try and reinjure Sanada’s bicep over a hand rail.

Back inside Sanada gets thrown into the exposed corner as Evil came in and took Sanada back to the corner. Taichi had enough and tries to hit the ring with a chair but that’s stop as Sho then had his turn on Sanada by raking the eyes.

Sanada eventually fights back and tags in Taichi then he lands some Kawada ish kicks looked to lead to a Dangerous Backdrop Driver but instead a hook kick drops Sho ahead of an enziguiri to Evil.

Off come the trousers as Taichi proceeded to catch a spear from Sho as he went to the fingers before landing a misdirection spear took down Taichi. Evil is back to help stomp over Taichi but he manages to break free and bring in Sanada who hits some dropkicks to take Evil outside for a plancha.

Back inside Evil goes to the eyes to avoid a TKO then used the ref to help with a thrust kick on Sanada then a fisherman buster from Evil gets a two count on Sanada then Taichi is in to help a turnaround which led to a Skull End on Evil. Dick Togo tries to interfere but Taka Michinoku stops him only for Togo to suplex Michinoku into Sanada in the ropes.

Evil capitalizes with Darkness Falls for a two count before Taichi hit the ring to subdue Sho with a Stretch Plum as Sanada got Evil trap in a Skull End but Evil wriggling out of a Dead Fall then there’s a ref bump to mask Dick Togo throwing a chair at Sanada.

Taichi is in to stop Evil using the IWGP World Heavyweight Title but a low blow and a spanner shot stops him in his tracks before Evil’s IWGP World Heavyweight Title lays out Sanada. The ref comes to just as Everything Is Evil lands to get the win.

Winners: House Of Torture (17:06)
Rate: 4