Official Statement From Wrestling Promotion That Booked Velveteen Dream’s Appearance

As previously reported, Velveteen Dream (Patrick Clark) competed in his first match since being released by WWE at Saturday night’s Dynasty event in Albany, New York.

Dynasty’s official Twitter/X released a statement about Dream’s appearance.

“Last night, we did what most others wouldn’t. We took a risk on a person, & gave them an opportunity for a 2nd chance. A 2nd chance to fulfill their DREAM. We stand by that decision. Thank you to the PACKED house for last night’s event!”

“The post was “ratioed” with more quote reposts than likes and several notable accounts criticized the decision. Fightful’s @MissKatefabe wrote, “You booked Rita Chatterton to try and even out the fact you booked someone who was sexually harassing children.” Brian Zane of Wrestling With Wregret wrote, “We stand by that decision so hard, we kept it a secret from everyone so’s not to possibly ward off any fans ahead of time.” Wrestler Terra Calaway wrote, “As a former member of your roster and a sexual assault victim, I am so beyond disappointed and disgusted. Thank you for showing other victims they are not safe in your locker room or your crowd.”