Orange Cassidy Speaks Out About Jon Moxley Being A Leader For AEW

Adrian Hernandez recently interviewed AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy. Below are the highlights:

AEW allowing him to be himself:

“I would not be able to have thrived the way I am in AEW if it was another place. AEW let me be me. They let me do what I want to do. I believed in it. My style is my style. I take a lot of pride in it that no one can say, ‘Oh, Orange Cassidy wrestles like this. Orange Cassidy is a guy like this, who came before me.’ I take a lot of pride in being an original. I didn’t think that was gonna happen after a year, but I just did what I wanted to do. I knew if I liked what I was doing, other people were eventually going to like it, and yeah, there’s gonna be people on the internet that say stuff but like, I care about the people that are in the seats and watching on TV.”

If his proudest week in wrestling was wrestling at Wembley and then at All Out:

“Sure. I also think it was a very special week for AEW. I had my match against PAC at Revolution 2020 right before the world shut down. I started to get a little momentum. That was the first time people saw me wrestle, I think. Then to be in Chicago doing that with Jon Moxley, I think it’s very important for wrestling fans now, especially AEW fans who appreciate the professional wrestling, of art, can see a person like me go through growth and go through changes. I think it’s important that we show our changes and the things that we’ve gone through to become different people in the end, and I think if you looked at those years up to that point with Jon Moxley, you’d be like, ‘Oh yeah. That’s not the same Orange Cassidy that was here, but it still is Orange Cassidy’, and I think that’s very, very important.”

Jon Moxley being a leader in AEW:

“Jon Moxley is a leader for AEW. I think a lot of people look to Jon Moxley for leadership. I am too, like Jon Moxley, a person that leads by example and I saw the example that he was setting and I was like, ‘You know what? I want to do that.’ I tried, but no one can be Jon Moxley because there’s no Jon Moxley. I am forever in his debt for him changing and bringing up this version of me that is clearly a better version because I still have this thing (the AEW International Championship belt)”

You can check out the complete interview below:

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