Report: WWE Moving Location For NXT Battleground To UFC Apex In Las Vegas

It looks like there will be a change in date and location for the first WWE NXT premium live event scheduled after their WWE NXT Stand & Deliver 2024 show during WrestleMania XL Week.

On Thursday, Wrestle Votes reported that there is talk behind-the-scenes within WWE about making a change to the originally scheduled plans for WWE NXT Battleground 2024.

Originally scheduled to take place on May 26, 2024 from Savannah, Georgia, it appears that WWE NXT Battleground 2024 will instead be moved to June 9, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to the aforementioned report, the event is expected to be held at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, NV., marking the first WWE NXT PLE to take place from the venue, which is owned by TKO Group Holdings, the same parent-company as WWE.

“Hearing rumblings of a significant schedule change,” the report stated. “I’m told the NXT Battleground event will be moving off May 26th to June 9th.”

The report continued, “With the location shifting as well as Savanna, GA will no longer host the show. NXT Battleground will take place live in Las Vegas at the UFC Apex.”

We will keep you posted as updates regarding plans for the WWE NXT Battleground 2024 premium live event continue to surface.