Rhea Ripley Says Buddy Matthews Is Not Threatened By Her Being On A “Obviously Higher” Platform

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley talked about her relationship with AEW star Buddy Matthews, also known as Buddy Murphy in the WWE, during an appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast.

“He’s been in WWE, he’s been wrestling for over 10 years, I think maybe over 15 years. He’s been wrestling for a long, long time. He knows that when he was in WWE, he hit a peak there. Then over in AEW, he’s doing well. It’s slowly growing. The House of Black is slowly growing and getting more steam.

But he also knows that at the end of the day, the platform that I’m on, this might make a lot of people mad, but it’s obviously higher. I feel like he doesn’t get threatened by that, and he says he doesn’t either. I take his word. I trust him. I believe him. He’s very comfortable in what he’s doing and who I am. He also loves to help me along the way and help me grow, which is what a relationship should be. It’s a team, right? Yeah.”