Rocky Romero On CMLL Talents Not Working The Same Shows As AAA Talents

NJPW star Rocky Romero recently appeared on an episode of Wrestling Observer Live, where he talked about a number of topics including how AEW has a working relationship with both AAA and CMLL.

Romero said, “The parameters are things like no AAA talent on the same show as CMLL talent, obviously not in the same matches as well. But yeah, I think I’m pretty much responsible for at least getting the conversation started and bringing the idea of CMLL working with AEW. In this case, primarily Mistico. I think over the past few weeks, we’ve heard quite a bit that Tony Khan was a big fan of Mistico and having him was a big deal. Just to be able to open that door for CMLL, AEW, and New Japan to hopefully do some more work together next year, I think it’s really cool. That’s another forbidden door opened.”