ROH TV Results – January 11, 2024

ROH TV Results – January 11, 2024

Zak Knight vs. Jon Cruz

Knight hits Jon Cruz with a running forearm for the win.

Winner: Zak Knight

Tony Nese vs. Marcus Kross

Tony Nese hits Marcus Kross with a Pumphandle Piledriver.

Winner: Tony Nese

Television Title Match
Kyle Fletcher (c) vs. Angelico

Kyle Fletcher with a big bodyslam before mocking Angelico’s dance until Angelico lands a strike combo before scoring a near fall with an inside cradle.

Fletcher cuts off an Angelico springboard with a kick but Angelico avoided a plancha and dropkicks him into the apron then rolls into the ring with a sunset flip for a near fall.

Fletcher hits a cutter off of the ropes for a near fall before Fletcher hits a running boot into the corner but Angelico reversed a superplex and locks in a La Casita pin for a near fall.

Angelico locks in the Figure 4 Ankle Lock but Fletcher crawls to the ropes to break the hold.

Fletcher caught Angelico with a half & half suplex then hits a leg lariat and the reverse Tombstone to score the win.

Winner & Still Television Champion: Kyle Fletcher (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

Backstage Lexy Nair was looking for Dalton Castle as he no showed their scheduled interview. She found him in a rolling crate. Castle said that he hadn’t slept since Final Battle due to Johnny TV’s interference in his Television Title match. Castle was upset that Johnny wouldn’t agree to a match with him so he asked Nair to convince Johnny to sign for the match. T

Tag Team Match
The Righteous (Vincent & Dutch) vs. The Dawsons (Zane & Dave)

The Dawsons jumps The Righteous at the bell isolating Vincent in their corner.

Vincent quickly got to Dutch for a tag leading to Dutch handling The Dawsons with ease.

Dutch hits Bossman Slam on Zane Dawson to get the win.

Winners: The Righteous

After the match The Righteous went to do the Misery ankle spot on Zane but the referee held them off long enough for Dave Dawson to pull him out of the ring.

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Shane Taylor Promotions & she informed them that their match against The Infantry was 2 Out Of 3 Falls. Shane Taylor said that he would lead his team into battle and leave The Infantry laid out like he already had twice before.

Tag Team Match
Iron Savages (Boulder & Bronson) vs. The Boys (Brandon Tate & Brent Tate)

Match ends when Iron Savages hits Transformer Splash to get the win.

Winners: Iron Savages

Cole Karter vs. Serpentico

Cole Karter attacks Serpentico at the bell but Serpentico used his speed to take Karter to the floor before hitting a dive.

Serpentico went to the top rope but Karter knocks him down to the floor to take control.

Karter hits a spinebuster for a near fall before Serpentico sidesteps Karter and hits a cutter for a near fall.

Griff Garrison & Maria came to ringside to support Karter but Garrison quickly involved himself to help Karter score the win with a roll up.

Winner: Cole Karter

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Johnny TV & Taya Valkyrie & Nair brought up Dalton Castle’s challenge but they both blew off the idea in favor of hyping Valkyrie up for the new Women’s Television Title.

Fatal 4 Way Match
Queen Aminata vs. Diamante vs. Lady Frost vs. Trish Adora

Trish Adora & Queen Aminata fought for a backslide but Diamante stacked them both up for a near fall that Lady Frost broke up before Frost hits a cartwheel cannonball for a near fall.

Everybody ran through some big moves ending with Adora & Aminata powerbombing Frost onto Diamante then Aminata lands a double stomp on Frost to score the win.

Winner: Queen Aminata 

Josh Woods vs. LaBron Kozone

Josh Woods connects with Grit Your Teeth for the win.

Winner: Josh Woods

Backstage Lexy Nair is with The Infantry & they said that they would get their shot back on Shane Taylor Promotions tonight.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Robyn Renegade

Taya Valkyrie nails Robyn Renegade with Shania Pain for the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Billie Starkz & they are celebrating that Women’s Champion Athena was taking some time off. Starkz was focused on winning the new Women’s Television Title.

Tag Team Match
Rachael Ellering & Leyla Hirsch vs. Brittany Jade & Emily Hale

Leyla Hirsch sends Brittany Jade into a Bosswoman Slam from Rachael Ellering for the win.

Winners: Rachael Ellering & Leyla Hirsch

After the match Abadon appeared on the stage and menaced both Hirsch & Ellering.

Fatal 4 Way Match
Blake Christian vs. Jack Cartwheel vs. Slim J vs. Gravity

Slim J & Jack Cartwheel sends Blake Christian & Slim J out of the ring allowing them to go back & forth in the ring.

Cartwheel hits a handstand legsweep on the apron before launching back into the ring with an elbow drop.

Gravity came back into the ring and sent Cartwheel flying with arm drags before locking on a submission.

Christian broke the submission and ran wild by hitting Fosbury Flop into a reverse DDT on Cartwheel.

Slim J ran wild by hitting the diving reverse DDT on Gravity before hitting a reverse Sliced Bread off of the ropes on Christian. Slim J hits a step up hurricane kick on Christian for a near fall.

Christian came back tying Slim J in the ropes and hitting a 619 to the leg before Cartwheel came back into the ring and hits a pair of cartwheeling leg whips and cannonballs.

All 4 men got more and more involved. Christian hits a leg trap spinebuster but Cartwheel caught him with a Death Valley Driver before hitting a Sasuke Special.

Slim J cuts him off with a reverse DDT off of the apron before Christian caught Slim J with a dropkick before locking on a Texas Cloverleaf for the win.

Winner By Submission: Blake Christian

Athena sent in a video from her wrestling school. She was taking some time off to recover from some injuries but Nyla Rose caught her by surprise and attacked her & her students. Rose chokeslams Athena through a door and left her lying.

Christopher Daniels vs. Lee Johnson

Christopher Daniels held onto the ropes on a Lee Johnson dropkick attempt but Johnson hits a pair of back body drops to get back into things.

Daniels dived out of the way of a crossbody attempt to take control scoring a near fall with a gutbuster.

Johnson scored with the dropkick to get some offense going then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall.

They traded strikes before Daniels hits a flapjack then hits Angel’s Wings to score the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Tag Team 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match
Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & Lee Moriarty) vs. The Infantry (Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean)

1st Fall

Both teams brawled at the bell with The Infantry isolating Lee Moriarty with a double team for a near fall.

They set Moriarty up for Boot Camp but Shane Taylor pulls Carlie Bravo out of the ring and hits a knockout punch.

Taylor then brought Bravo into the ring and drops him with another punch for the 1st fall.

Shane Taylor Promotions 1-0

2nd Fall

Taylor hits a rebound lariat for a near fall keeping Bravo in the ring.

Shawn Dean got the tag in and ran wild, hitting a butterfly DDT on Moriarty.

The Infantry isolated Moriarty by hitting a pair of splashes to score the 2nd fall.

The Infantry 1-1

3rd Fall

Both teams hits big shots to kick off the 3rd fall before Dean hitting Taylor with a German suplex. Moriarty hits a pair of Yakuza kicks before Dean blocked a bulldog with a knee.

Bravo & Taylor tags in and traded shots before Bravo drops Taylor with Carlie Crossover for a near fall.

They finally hit Boot Camp on Taylor then a cover but Moriarty broke up the pin.

Taylor caught a charging Dean with a uranage then Moriarty hits a Yakuza Kick and a lifting flatliner to score the win.

Winners: Shane Taylor Promotions (2-1)