ROH TV Results – January 18, 2024

ROH TV Results – January 18, 2024

Kicking off this week’s ROH with a recap of Nyla Rose’s attack on Women’s Champion Athena at her training school.

Billie Starkz was hopping mad backstage with Lexy Nair upset that they let Athena get jumped. Nair calmed Starkz down and got her to focus on her match tonight.

Nyla Rose vs. Erica Leigh

Nyla Rose hits Erica Leigh with Beast Bomb for the win.

Winner: Nyla Rose

ROH World Tag Team Titles Match
Undisputed Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven) (c) vs. Iron Savages (Boulder & Bronson)

Undisputed Kingdom quickly took Bronson into their corner but Bronson came back with a back body drop on Mike Bennett then Boulder tags in and scores a near fall with a sidewalk slam.

Bennett avoided the trip to Titty City before Matt Taven helps him double-team Bronson.

A spinebuster/moonsault combo scored a near fall for Undisputed Kingdom as they continued to clubber on Bronson.

Bronson avoided several attacks before getting the tag into Boulder. Boulder caught both men and drops them with a powerbomb/World’s Strongest Slam combo for a near fall.

Undisputed Kingdom sends Boulder to the floor and eventually knocked him down but Bronson follows Taven to the floor with a dive. Bronson hits a tree slam in the ring for a near fall.

Taven reversed a powerbomb to hit Just The Tip and a Death Valley Driver led to a 2nd Just The Tip for a near fall then Undisputed Kingdom hits Hail Mary to score the win.

Winners & Still ROH World Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Kingdom (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!!) 

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Bryan Keith

Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Keith traded strikes early on with Castagnoli dropping Keith with a shoulder block.

Castagnoli peppered Keith with body shots in the corner before locking on a cravate before Keith fought out and sent Castagnoli to the floor with boots. Keith follows Castagnoli to the floor and laid in leg kicks.

Back in the ring Castagnoli shut down Keith with a chokeslam and an elbow drop for a near fall. Castagnoli clobbered on Keith in the corner by dropping him with a bodyslam and a leg drop when he tried to fight out.

Castagnoli gorilla pressed Keith onto the top turnbuckle sending him tumbling to the floor then Castagnoli follows Keith to the outside and laid him out with another bodyslam.

Keith beat the 20 count back into the ring and kicks out of a running uppercut. Keith came back with a tornado DDT.

Keith sent Castagnoli to the floor and laid in chest kicks as Castagnoli laid against the unattended announce table. Castagnoli sends Keith into the barricade and laid him out with a running uppercut.

Castagnoli went to the top rope but Keith hit a jumping headbutt before Castagnoli came back with a ripcord lariat for a near fall.

Keith caught Castagnoli with a knee to the chin then hit a running knee strike for a near fall. Keith hits a gamengiri but Castagnoli fired out with a uppercut.

Keith fired up by hitting a enzuigiri and an ushigoroshi for a near fall before Keith went for the Emerald Tiger Driver but Castagnoli reversed it into a Giant Swing.

Castagnoli hits Hammer & Anvil Elbows but Keith caught Castagnoli with an inside cradle for a near fall.

Castagnoli caught Keith with Sudden Death uppercut but Keith kicks out. Castagnoli hits a double stomp then swung Keith around in a sleeper to choke him out.

Winner By Submission: Claudio Castagnoli

8 Woman Tag Team Match
Queen Aminata, Billie Starkz, Kiera Hogan & Lady Frost vs. Rachael Ellering, Robyn Renegade, Taya Valkyrie & Leyla Hirsch

We got quick tags all around to start this match before Queen Aminata & Rachell Ellering traded chops and hard strikes before Kiera Hogan tags in.

Ellering carried Hogan across the ring and tags in Robyn Renegade & she got kicked in the head.

Hogan hits a step up leg drop for a near fall before Renegade sends Hogan to the floor where Taya Valkyrie boots her on the floor.

Valkyrie tags in and scored a near fall on a sliding lariat then Valkyrie hits a sliding German suplex before Leyla Hirsch tags in setting up an Ellering senton for a near fall.

Hogan hits a neckbreaker to tag in Lady Frost & she ran wild. Frost hit her cartwheeling cannonball for a near fall.

We got a move train ending with Starkz hitting Star Ten on Renegade to score the win.

Winners: Queen Aminata, Billie Starkz, Kiera Hogan & Lady Frost 

After the match Abadon came out to menace everyone.

We got a recap of Bullet Club Gold beating Mogul Embassy to win the 6 Man Tag Team Titles.

Action Andretti was in the back when Top Flight drove up in a golf cart. They picked up Andretti and drove away.

Tag Team Match
Top Flight (Dante Martin & Darius Martin) vs. The Butcher & The Blade

Dante Martin starts the match with The Blade & he hits a senton before The Butcher tags in and hits an elbow for a near fall.

Darius Martin tags in and sends The Butcher flying into his corner to tag in & The Butcher & The Blade double teamed Darius to take control.

The Butcher & The Blade clobbered on Darius with The Blade hitting a powerslam for a near fall.

Darius avoids a corner charge and got the tag out to Dante & he ran wild before Dante hits a knee out of powerbomb position for a near fall.

The Butcher came in biting everyone then hits a backbreaker on Dante before hitting a tag team crossbody with The Blade for a near fall.

Top Flight fired up by hitting a pair of tag team moves before Dante hits a crossover splash for the win.

Winners: Top Flight

Mark Briscoe vs. Serpentico

Mark Briscoe sends Serpentico to the floor with a boot before Serpentico came back with an elbow but Briscoe drops Serpentico with a suplex for a near fall.

Serpentico got some offense in before Briscoe fired up again sending Serpentico to the floor with a chop that sent Serpentico falling off the top rope.

Briscoe hits a lariat for a near fall then Serpentico came back with kicks and a flatliner for a near fall. Briscoe moves out of the way of a double stomp and hits Jay Driller for the win.

Winner: Mark Briscoe

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Nyla Rose & she asked why she attacked Athena. After joking about being the new Minion Overlord Rose told Nair that she attacked Athena to make a statement. She won’t stop making statements until she wins the Women’s Title.

Diamante vs. Dream Girl Ellie

Diamante hits Dream Girl Ellie with Cross Rhodes for the win.

Winner: Diamante

Television Title Match
Kyle Fletcher (c) vs. Christopher Daniels

Kyle Fletcher drops Christopher Daniels with a pair of shoulder blocks but Daniels reversed a 3rd into a quick flash pin for a near fall.

Daniels sends Fletcher into the corner but Fletcher exploded out with a spinning kick.

After some time Daniels caught Fletcher with a flatliner to get on the offensive.

Daniels hits a back suplex and an STO before hitting the ten punches in the corner. Daniels hits a swinging Complete Shot for a near fall. Daniels sets up Angel’s Wings but Fletcher powered out.

Fletcher hits a crotch lift suplex then follows with a Yakuza Kick and a brainbuster for a near fall.

Fletcher went for Hammerlock Tombstone but Daniels reversed out and hits Angel’s Wings for a near fall.

Daniels hits uranage to set up Best Moonsault Ever but Fletcher came back to hit the leg lariat. Fletcher connects with reverse Tombstone to score the win

Winner & Still Television Champion: Kyle Fletcher (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Ethan Page & he said that he wanted to make his goals for 2024 clear and said that his goal was to earn a way to a Television Title match against Kyle Fletcher.

AAA Mega Title Match
El Hijo Del Vikingo (c) vs. Action Andretti

El Hijo Del Vikingo & Action Andretti got in a quick pinning predicament to start this match before Vikingo sent Andretti to the floor with a tornillo headscissors.

Andretti cuts off a dive with a kick before hitting a Falcon Arrow for a near fall.

Andretti locks in a headlock before taking Vikingo down with a back elbow and an elbow drop for a near fall.

Andretti held control on Vikingo before Vikingo powered Andretti up into a Death Valley Driver for a near fall as Vikingo picks up the pace by hitting an overhead suplex into the corner before hitting X Knee.

Vikingo hit a twisting press off the middle of the ropes onto Andretti for a near fall.

Vikingo rounded up Andretti before taking him to the outside with a headscissors before Vikingo hits a moonsault off the top rope to the floor.

Vikingo went for a twisting splash but Andretti shoved him to the floor and hit a dive.

Andretti did his water bottle spot before firing up by hitting a springboard clothesline.

Vikingo moved out of the way of a moonsault before hitting a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

After another short pinning predicament Andretti caught Vikingo with a high kick.

Vikingo got in electric chair position on Andretti initiating another pinning predicament & this time Vikingo got a deep pin on for the win.

Winner & Still AAA Mega Champion: El Hijo Del Vikingo (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)