Samoa Joe Comments On AEW Revolution Win, Discusses Wardlow As The New #1 Contender

AEW World Champion Samoa Joe successfully retained his championship in a 3-Way Match at Sunday night’s 2024 Revolution PPV. Immediately following the show, Joe took part in the post-Revolution media scrum to talk about a number of topics including if he is surprised that he is still the World Champion.

Joe said, “Not at all! You know, I’ve always made it a point to tell the world what I’m going to do. And I think I’ve delivered on every promise I’ve made here in AEW. And tonight was no different. Obviously Swerve and Hangman, two tremendous young competitors. But they just didn’t have enough and I’m just that much better. So here I am.”

If Swerve Strickland and Hangman Page made a mistake in focusing on each other:

Joe said, “I mean, it was a huge mistake by those two gentlemen. I mean, obviously they have very vey bad blood between each other. These heated issues can boil over into other parts of their lives. Unfortunately it boiled over tonight which it the worst place for it to happen. If those gentlemen want to stay eyes locked on each other, they thought the path to salvation was through each other’s blood. Well unfortunately it wasn’t, because I made sure it did not happen tonight.”

Will Ospreay arriving in AEW:

Joe said, “It’s indicative of what AEW has always stood for. We go out, we find the best wrestlers inthe world and we bring them together to find out who is the best wrestler in the world. Currently, that is me. But on my heels are some of the greatest grapplers to ever step foot in the ring. When we have acquisitions, men like will Ospreay, how can you not be excited about the future of this company? And once again, we’ve set up a protocol. Will Ospreay is new here, he’s a fantastic, dynamic athlete. Has had tremendous success everywhere he’s been. But until he has success here, I don’t need to worry about him.”

Wardlow becoming the new #1 contender for his AEW World Championship and saying he is coming for him:

Joe said, “Much like everyone else in this roster. It’s no surprise that Wardlow finds himself where he is. Obviously a very domineering individual who has had tremendous success. Admittedly, even against me. But right now, this is a very different version of myself. This is not one that is distracted by other championship titles. I am the AEW World Champion, and Wardlow will soon learn why that is.”

You can check out Joe’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to 411Mania for transcribing the above quotes)