Serena Deeb Sends Message To Toni Storm

AEW star and pro wrestling veteran Serena Deeb is set to challenge “Timeless” Toni Storm for the AEW Women’s World Championship at their upcoming Double or Nothing PPV.

Deeb took part in a post-Dynamite interview with Lexy Nair immediately following last Wednesday’s show to discuss a number of topics, including how one thing she has learned to do over the years is block out the noise and how the current champion would feel when she loses her title at Double or Nothing.

Deeb said, “Lexy, one thing that I’ve learned to do over the years is block out the noise. And I know that there’s doubters, I know that there are. But that doesn’t change my intentions, I’ve made them very clear. And when I go to sleep at night, I know what I think about.”

“Toni, what do you think about? And if you think that right-hand hurts tonight, how’s it going to feel when you lose your World Championship at Double or Nothing?”

You can check out Deeb’s comments below.