Several AEW Wrestlers Reportedly Frustrated With Tony Khan

All Elite Wrestling will look to secure their next media rights deal in 2024, as their current deal with Warner Bros. Discovery expires at the end of the year. However, AEW President Tony Khan is also looking to address an issue behind the scenes.

Bryan Alvarez stated on Wrestling Observer Live that talent is growing frustrated with people refusing to do jobs, Khan not enforcing them, and a lack of communication.

“A lot of people are very frustrated because they don’t find out the Tuesday before, like some people do. I mean, some people will know they’re doing because like, there are a couple of matches usually advertised in advance. But most people are showing up the day of the show. And they find out whether they’re doing anything or not. And there’s very little communication. I’ve been hearing about this for months. People are very frustrated, like, they show up, here’s what you’re gonna do. Lots of people will complain, and it gets changed, which is also a big problem I hear about all the time, people don’t want to do something, and Tony doesn’t make him do it. And so, you know, there’s a lot of this. And you know, people aren’t going to come forward and talk about it publicly; they will someday; this is one of those things where people will say, I’m wrong now. And then, you know, someday, people are going to talk, and you’ll realize that I’m actually not wrong. I hear about this every single day. And, you know, trying to put together these shows is just a whirlwind of ‘can this will this person do this? They don’t want to. What can we do? Will you do it? Blah, blah, blah.’ There’s a lot of frustration. And, you know, there’s also injuries that he deals with. And no, there are not shows put together a week in advance or two weeks in advance. The days of long-term booking are gone. He has an idea. You know, I’m sure he had a card for the pay-per-view. But as far as like week to week how they get there, every week ‘is like, what are we gonna do this week?’ You know, where he wants to do things, but people don’t want to go along with it. People are hurt, whatever.”