Shayna Baszler Set For Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X During WrestleMania Weekend

As noted, WWE has reached a deal to allow their talent to work the upcoming Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X show as part of the GCW Collective of shows during WrestleMania XL Weekend.

On Friday, the promotion confirmed the appearance of WWE Superstar Shayna Baszler for the show.

“What does it mean when a Queen takes up the sword and marches to war,” the announcement began. “Blood. Victory. Glory.”

The announcement continued, “From battlefields all over the world – MMA & the UFC, WWE NXT, WWE, STARDOM, and more – to now step into a ring she was made for from the beginning.”

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport X takes place on April 4, 2024 at 4pm EST. in Philadelphia, PA.