Skye Blue Comments On Joey Janela Helping Her Get Into AEW

AEW star Skye Blue recently appeared on an episode of the Kicking Out podcast, where she talked about a number of topics including Joey Janela helping her get into the company.

Blue said, “I was doing the indies for a while, and Joey Janela actually reached out to me and was like, ‘Hey, here’s Shawn Dean’s phone number. Go text Shawn Dean.’ I was like, what? I kind of didn’t believe it was real because I was already going to be in 2020 during COVID, during the pandemic.”

“So I was already going to be in Tampa because I was doing a GCW show. I texted Shawn Dean and he was like, yeah, come in and do extra work in Jacksonville. So I was an extra in 2020. Then I was also an extra in 2021, the All Out week. Then that was the week that I was in the Casino Battle Royal and then it was all history from there.”

You can check out Blue’s comments in the video below.