Skye Blue Explains Why She Had Staples In Her Head Before Her Match Against Saraya

Chris Jericho’s latest Talk Is Jericho podcast featured rising AEW star Skye Blue. Blue discussed her heel turn and the fun she’s having with Julia Hart, her goals in AEW, and working with Saraya, Toni Storm, Ruby Soho, and others. She also discussed training with Dustin Rhodes, intergender wrestling, her early days in Chicago, a visit to the hospital emergency room last year, and other topics.

Being in the 2021 Casino Battle Royal:

“I was terrified because I remember when TK does the rundown like, ‘Oh, this is how a Battle Royale works. This is what I want.’ I remember just sitting there and I was like, ‘Oh my god. These are all my co-workers.’ It just didn’t feel real. I was in the first five and I got an entrance. I didn’t even remember I had music by the end of the night. My mom’s like, ‘Did you hear your music’, and I was like, ‘I had music?’ There’s a picture that one of the Chicago photographers got. You know how the fans can bring their cameras? He did and there’s a picture I literally look like I’m gonna throw up on the ramp.”

Working AEW Dark shows:

“It was definitely hard. It was a lot to get used to. I remember when we were doing Darks in Orlando, I remember I was so confused on where the hard camera was and I turned up and got in the wrong corner from my entrance. I was facing the other wall and they were like, ‘Dustin said turn around.’ I’m looking for the red dot and like, oh my God. Where is it? Until you’re thrown on the deep end and do it, it’s hard to do because on the indies, they don’t have any of that on the indies.”

“Full Gear was my first pay-per-view. I remember I was like, I want to take the hat off and stomp on it. To get the hat off, my hand was shaking as I threw it down, and then to lift my foot, my foot was shaking. I was like, ‘Oh, God, I’m not even gonna be able to do this.’ I’m just stepping on a hat like, but there’s been so many shaking, nervous moments. I’m like, Oh, thank God they don’t ask me to talk because I’d be shaking the mic. Nervous.”

Working with Toni Storm:

“I was so excited. I love wrestling her. She challenges me every time. I feel like every time it’s different. We want to put on a good match and show everybody and be like, hey, this is why the women are just as much of a draw as the men. I feel every time I’ve wrestled Toni, I learn more every time and I feel like I get better as a wrestler.”

Wrestling Saraya:

“I was so nervous for that first one. I could not believe I was actually wrestling her. I remember being in the ring and then her music hit and I was like, oh, yeah. This is happening, like, terrified, but it’s happening and I had staples in my head at the time. They got pretty mad at me. I was doing an indie show and I was wrestling one of the kids that I trained with. They approved it. It was a Lucha show. They needed him to win, so I was like, Okay, I’ll just get disqualified, you know, because I couldn’t lose at the time and whatever. I’m like, ‘We’ll do a chair spot. We’ll get disqualified. We’ll be fine.’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, okay.’ I did a hardcore match with this dude before so I felt comfortable with him. I was like, ‘Just do the Sabu, throw the chair at me like we did before. It’ll be fine.’ He forgot to palm the chair so the chair spiraled in mid-air. It was not one of those nice chairs like we have. It was like the really crappy Lucha show chairs where they have the metal bar on the back. I just turned my head, I didn’t think, and it caught me right at the side of my head. I didn’t know I was bleeding because I fell down. Then we still had a couple more things we had to do. I got up and I flipped my hair and my back was just wet. I was like, what the hell? I looked down and there was just a pool. I was just like, that’s cool.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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