Solo Sikoa Is On A Surprisingly Long Losing Streak

(Photo Credit: WWE)

WWE has undergone significant changes in recent months, particularly since the start of the new year, with Vince McMahon officially departing, The Rock joining the TKO Board of Directors, and the company in the midst of WrestleMania season.

The Bloodline storyline has continued to progress, with The Rock now appearing alongside Roman Reigns. At the same time, Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso have continued their respective journeys.

Sikoa is Rikishi’s son and the younger brother of Jimmy and Jey Uso (Jonathan and Joshua Fatu). He signed with WWE in 2021. After working in NXT, Solo was promoted to the main roster in September 2022.

In November, Sokoa defeated John Cena at the Crown Jewel PLE, which was his biggest win of his career. According to, Sokoa has not won a match since defeating Cena.

He’s 0-5 on SmackDown, having lost a dark match to Cody Rhodes earlier this month at a SmackDown event. Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, and LA Knight have suffered the remaining 18 losses at house shows. He’s lost nine matches this year alone, three of which were broadcast on television.