Monday, July 6, 2020

Tag: Jeff Jarrett

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WWE Removes Kairi Sane From Monday’s RAW Advertising, Leaving WWE

On Friday night’s SmackDown broadcast, WWE announced a Champion vs. Champion match featuring Asuka vs. Bayley for Monday’s RAW broadcast. In the graphic WWE...

WWE Superstar Approaches Vince McMahon About Enforcing Covid-19 Precautions

A WWE superstar recently approached Vince McMahon about properly enforcing COVID-19 precautions at television tapings following a massive outbreak that led to positive cases,...

Spoiler: Released WWE Superstar Appearing On RAW Tonight

Heath "Slater" Miller, who was released from WWE on April 15th, is scheduled to appear on tonight's episode of RAW, Mike Johnson of

Arn Anderson Reveals Why John Cena Didn’t Want The WWE To Sign AJ Styles

Arn Anderson spoke about John Cena not being high on signing A.J. Styles, during a recent episode of ARN. Arn recalled that in Cena’s...

Drake Maverick Posts Unusual Tweet Then Deletes Tweet, Bianca Belair On NXT Women’s Title

- Fans have been speculating about an unusual tweet from Drake Maverick's Twitter account on Monday morning. He has since deleted the tweet but...