Teddy Hart Arrested For Possession Of Ecstasy And Steroids

Independent wrestler Teddy Hart has been arrested again.

According to TMZ, Hart, the nephew of the legendary Bret and Owen Hart, was arrested last week. According to the Titusville Police Department in Florida, they discovered drugs (ecstasy and steroids) during a routine traffic stop on Friday.

Hart was reportedly pulled over around midnight after running a red light while driving at high speeds. According to police, they smelled a “overpowering odor of burnt marijuana” in the car and discovered “an unsealed medical marijuana container with a faded label inside of the glove compartment,” as well as red pills and a baggie of red powder that tested positive for the presence of MDMA. Police say they also discovered vials labeled with Masteron and Testosterone Cypionate (anabolic steroids).

He was arrested and charged with MDA possession as well as possessing a controlled substance without a prescription. On Saturday, he was released from custody.

Hart has had several run-ins with the law over the years. He was thought to be the next Hart to become a wrestling star, but due to personal issues, his career never took off with a national promotion.