The Young Bucks Don’t Regret Airing CM Punk & Jack Perry Backstage Fight On TV

In addition to writing “EVPetty” on X after the initial airing of the CM Punk and Jack Perry backstage fight footage on the April 10 episode of the weekly two-hour AEW Dynamite on TBS prime time program, AEW EVPs Nicholas and Matthew Jackson spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated for an in-depth interview where the topic came up.

“Since we are wrestling FTR at [AEW] Dynasty, and with it being the first time doing that since [AEW] All In London, so many feelings and thoughts came rushing back,” Matthew told Barrasso. “Old wounds were reopened. We decided it was only fair to be transparent and honest with our fans. We needed to give them context about why we feel we came up short at All In London. Our bodies were there in the ring wrestling FTR at Wembley, but our minds were in the back with the scapegoat in the entire situation, Jack Perry. The three of us specifically were wronged that night, and I haven’t gotten over that.”

Nicholas added, “As EVPs, we were given a task for that week by the boss and we did it to the best of our abilities. Zero regret.”

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