TNA Against All Odds Results – June 14, 2024

TNA Wrestling is live from Cicero Stadium in Chicago!

Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring Announcer: Jade Chung


Jonathan Gresham vs. Sami Callihan

During the match, KUSHIDA comes out and attacks Gresham while the referee is distracted. He “swabs” some of the ink out of Gresham’s mouth.

RESULTS: Sami Callihan defeats Jonathan Gresham via pinfall with a Cactus Driver 97. After the match, KUSHIDA is shown putting Gresham’s ink in a vial.

Backstage with The System:

Alisha Edwards is confident, and so is Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers. TNA World Champion Moose says the talking is over, and he’s going to teach Matt Hardy to trust The System.

TNA Knockouts World Tag Team Championship – The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) vs. The Malisha (Alisha Edwards & Masha Slamovich) (c) (with Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) 

RESULTS: AND STILL KNOCKOUTS WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE MALISHA. Alisha Edwards & Masha Slamovich defeats The Hex via pinfall with a double team bull dog!

The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) vs. Steve Maclin & Mike Santana

RESULTS: Steve Maclin & Mike Santana defeats The Rascalz via pinfall with a Spin the Block! After the match,Mike and Steve shake hands.

Rich Swann (with A.J. Francis) PCO

Before the match, A.J Francis cuts a promo insulting the Chicago crowd. He says he feels like the Scottie Pippen of this business.

A.J Francis tried to get involved throughout the match. But PCO simply wasn’t going down.

RESULTS: PCO defeats Rich Swann via pinfall with a PCOSault!

After the match, Steph De Lander comes out to give PCO her answer to his love letter. She says yes, she will go on a date with him.

TNA World Tag Team Championship – The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) (c) (with Alisha Edwards) vs. The Nemeth Brothers (Nic Nemeth and Ryan Nemeth)

During the match, Alisha Edwards and Dirty Dango interfered. First, Alisha interferes for Eddie Edwards to gain control. Then Dirty Dango comes out to ringside and argues with Alisha. Alisha gets ejected from ringside.

Dirty Dango makes sure everything goes as planned because Dirty Dango was still nearby and attacks Ryan!

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS EDDIE EDWARDS & BRIAN MYERS! The System defeats The Nemeth Brothers via pinfall with a Boston Knee Party to Ryan from Eddie Edwards.

After the match, Dirty Dango celebrates with the rest of The System!


Jordynne Grace is shown getting stitches after she got her ear piercing ripped out at NXT Battleground.

ABC (Chris Bey and Ace Austin) discuss their match against Josh Alexander & Eric Young later tonight.

Joe Hendry w/Ace Steel vs. Frankie Kazarian 

RESULTS: Frankie defeats Joe Hendry via pinfall after he hits Joe with brass knucks. 

After the match, he adds insult to injury as he puts Joe in the Chicken Wing. Then Ace Steel makes his way to the ring. Kazarian shoves Steel, but Steel then hits him with a punch! Sending him out of the ring.

TNA X-Division Championship – Trent Seven vs. Mustafa Ali (c)

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA X-DIVISION CHAMPION MUSTAFA ALI! Mustafa Ali defeats Trent Seven via submission with a Sharpshooter!


Frankie Kazarian is visibly upset over the disrespect Ace Steel has shown him. Santino Marella approaches, and Kazarian makes it clear he wants payback. Marella announces that Kazarian will face Ace Steel in a Chicago Street Fight on TNA IMPACT.

Josh Alexander & Eric Young vs. Ace Austin & Chris Bey

During the match, both Chris Bey and Josh Alexander squish each other’s balls. HAHAHA

RESULTS: Ace Austin & Chris Bey defeats Josh Alexander & Eric Young via pinfall after Young accidentally hits Alexander, and ABC hits The Fold.


Knockouts Championship Challenge Match – Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Tatum Paxley

Before the match, Ash by Elegance comes out to watch the match from ringside.

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION JORDYNNE GRACE! Jordynne Grace defeats Tatum Paxley via pinfall with a Juggernaut Driver!

After the match, Ash by Elegance attacks Grace but she seen it coming! Grace knocks Ash out the ring then pours a 4,000-dollar bottle of champagne on her.

No Disqualification Broken Rules TNA World Championship Match – Moose (c) vs. “Broken” Matt Hardy

During the match, Moose puts on a football helmet. He fell into the lake of reincarnation yesterday and he turned into back into a football player. Matt Hardy will always play mind games!

Alisha Edwards and Reby Hardy brawl! It’s pure kaius. Matt Hardy accidentally hits Reby with a Spear through the table! Moose takes advantage!

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA WORLD CHAMPION MOOSE! Moose defeats Matt Hardy via pinfall with a Spear!

After the match, The System continues the beat down! OUT COMES THE NEMETH BROTHERS!

They get beat down. JOE HENDRY WANTS IN!

He gets beat down but…

OUT COMES JEFF HARDY TO TAKE EVERYONE DOWN! The Hardy Brothers hug and celebrate as the show goes off air.