TNA Impact Results – February 29, 2024

TNA Impact is back on AXS TV from New Orleans! On the card, Rich Swann & Joe Hendry vs. AJ Francis & Deaner. This is Aj Francis’s debut match in TNA Wrestling. We will also see, Xia Brookside vs. Tasha Steelz and ABC & Eric Young and Moose, Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards. Plus, Mustafa Ali’s championship ceremony and so more.

Commentators: Matthew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan

Ring Announcer: Jade Chung

Speedball Mike Bailey w/ Trent Seven vs. Steve Maclin w/ The Rascalz

RESULTS: Steve Maclin defeats Speedball Mike Bailey via pinfall with a KIA! After the match, Nic Nemeth appeared on the tron and said he’s been in Japan winning titles. Nemeth announced he would defend the IWGP Global Championship against Maclin at Sacrifice.

Earlier in the day:

Frankie Kazarian was arguing with security on his way into the building. Gia Miller informed Frankie that he has been suspended. He told her to ask Santino Marella if he really thinks this is the right thing to do. Frankie walked away!

Lorado Kid vs. Jake Something

RESULTS: Jake Something defeats Lorado Kid via pinfall with Into the Void!

Sound Check with Alan Angels and Kon:

Security was on standby. Angels says he is proud of Kon and mentions they were former partners in The Design. Alan Angles called him “little brother” and Kon told him to watch his mouth. Angels kisses up to him. Kon says he was the baddest man in TNA and PCO may be dead. Then the lights flickered. The screen went to black and white as PCO appeared. Angels yells at PCO that he was ruining the Sound Check. PCO knocked him down and went to brawl with Kon, but the segment cut off.

Joe Hendry & Rich Swann vs. AJ Francis & Deaner

RESULTS: Before the match, fans chanted “We believe!” as Hendry took the mic. He says it’s the in-ring debut for AJ! Joe Hendry says the pressure was on because AJ’s whole family and his friend Steve were watching. He says the last thing AJ wants to do is flop. Hendry says he didn’t want anyone to chant “AJ sucks!”, which the fans immediately did. Hendry apologized and says the fans also like to chant “We believe!” and they did. Joe Hendry defeats Aj Francis and Deaner via pinfall with Standing Ovation on Deaner!

We see a mysterious vignette from Decay. They talk about losing the belts and having patience.


Gia Miller interviews Josh Alexander:

During the interview he was interrupted by Dirty Dango, Oleg Prudius, and Alpha Bravo. They advertised their wrestling school. Josh Alexander challenged Dango to a match next week.

Mustafa Ali’s X- Division Championship Celebration with Jason Hotch & John Skyler:

Ali gave a victory speech and said they were able to do it because the fans believe in Ali. The fans chanted “Ali!” As he was about to give his first executive order Chris Sabin interrupts! He says Ali likes to talk, but he’s a man of action. Sabin then attacks Ali, but Chris was beat down by Hotch & Skyler! Then out comes Kushida & Kevin Knight to make the save.

Ash by Elegance’s assistant brought her to the stage. She announces that next week she will have her second match in TNA.


Ali says that Sabin, Kushida, and Knight ruined everything. He said they would find out that actions have consequences.

#1 Contender’s Match: Tasha Steelz vs. Xia Brookside

RESULTS: NO CONTEST! Both women were counted out as they brawled on the floor! Afterwards, Jordynne Grace stands at the top of the stage and says she will face them BOTH at Sacrifice in a triple threat match!

Eric Young, Ace Austin, & Chris Bey vs. The System (Moose, Brian Myers, & Eddie Edwards) w/ Alisha Edwards

RESULTS: The System defeats Eric Young, Ace Austin, & Chris Bey via pinfall with an Elbow Drop from Brian Myers to Chris Bey! Alisha caused distractions to help the System get the upper hand and ultimately win the match!

Next week on TNA Impact Wrestling, Ali. vs Kevin Knight, Alexander vs. Dango and Masha Slamovich vs. Dani Luna. Plus, Ash By Elegance in action.