TNA Impact Results – March 20, 2024

TNA Impact is back on AXTV from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We will see Masha Slamovich vs. Rosemary and Time Splitters (Alex Shelley & Kushida) vs. Grizzled Young Vets (James Drake & Zack Gibson). Plus, we will hear from Nic Nemeth and the System (Moose, Brian Myers, & Eddie Edwards w/ Alisha) and more! Continue below for results.

Commentators: Tom Hannifan & Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring announcer: Jade Chung

X-Division #1 Contenders Match: Leon Slater vs. Chris Bey vs. Alan Angels vs. Jason Hotch vs. Kevin Knight vs. Jake Something

Mustafa Ali was on commentary for this match!

Before the match, John Skyler got on the mic on the way to the ring. He said that Hotch is there to prevent the others from getting the title shot. Kevin Knight then knocked Hotch out of the ring and took a dive outside the ring.

RESULTS: Jake Something is the X-Division #1 Contender via pinfall after hitting Into the Void on Jason Hotch! Mustafa Ali was shocked after the match!

Dirty Dango Promo with Alpha Bravo & Oleg Prudius outside:

Dango talked about cat food. He complained about dirt sheet writers burying him. Dango brings up taking Josh Alexander to the limit. He believes he only lost because his shoes were untied. Dirty Dango said you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. He said he had two anchors pulling him down. Bravo sat but Oleg refused. Dango said that Oleg didn’t listen, which is why he lost to Alexander. Oleg walked away while Dango yelled that he made Oleg.

Backstage Gia Miller interviews AJ Francis and Rich Swann:

She asks Swann for an explanation for turning heel last week. AJ Francis said she would have to wait until next week when they do it in the ring. Francis then waived Gia off and said they have a first-class flight to catch.

Deaner in-ring promo:

He says he hasn’t been himself the last few years and that all of his decisions led to failure. Deaner said he was to blame for his own failures. He said his best decision was becoming a wrestling fan. The fans cheered. Then he talked about his passion for wrestling. He said he lost his passion, but he needs to get it back — with the fan’s help. Deaner goes on and says from this point forward, all of his decisions would be up to the people.


Zack Gibson asks if Deaner thought anyone cared about him. Gibson said that Deaner should take their advice. He then insulted the fans. Zack said Deaner should quit and that he offers nothing to wrestling. The Vets got in the ring. Gibson told Deaner to get out of the ring. Deaner was leaving but he stopped and said he made a promise to the people. He said the fans would decide if he leaves! Deaner asked the fans and they said he should stay. They traded words and Deaner attacked the Vets, who got the better of him. OUT COMES THE TIME SPLITTERS FOR THE SAVE!

The Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) vs. The Time Splitters (Kushida & Alex Shelly)

RESULTS: The Time Splitters defeats The Grizzled Young Vets via submission with a Hoverboard Lock on Drake from Kushida!

Tom Hannifan sits down with Hammerstone for an interview:

Hammerstone talked about wrestling on Xplosion years ago and people thought he wasn’t ready, which put a chip on his shoulder. He talked about wrestling around the world to get better. Then he talked about his matches with Josh Alexander. He said he wanted to face the best and he was excited. Hammerstone said he was prepared. Tom Hannifan said that he failed in their first match; Hammerstone took exception to it. Hannifan noted that Hammerstone won at Sacrifice but cheated by using a low blow. Hammerstone said he was fast tracking his way to the top. He said he was bigger, stronger, and smarter. Hammerstone held up Josh Alexander’s headgear and said it would be a reminder to Alexander of what happened to him. Then asks Tom if there were more questions, then he left!

Digital Media Championship: PCO vs. Crazzy Steve (c) 

RESULTS: AND STILL DIGITAL MEDIA CHAMPION CRAZZT STEVE! Crazzy Steve defeats PCO via pinfall after Steve rakes PCO’s eyes and gets him back inside to steal the victory!

Backstage promo from Decay:

Rosemary talks about wanting a rematch for the Knockouts Tag Team titles. MK Ultra walked down the stairs behind them. Killer Kelly said they were first in line for the rematch. Rosemary said they should settle it in the ring.

Eric Young promo:

Young talked about coming up short at Sacrifice against Moose. He said that he promised he would keep coming forward and he did that. Eric said he was proud of it. He said Moose has a big bullseye on his back. Eric addressed Frankie Kazarian and said he should watch what he wishes for. He said that Frankie made a big mistake and challenged him to a Full Metal Mayhem match at Rebellion.

Seleziya Sparx vs. Ash By Elegance

RESULTS: Ash defeats Seleziya via pinfall with Rarified Air! After the match, Ash places a chair on Sparx and she goes up top again. Xia Brookside runs down and stands in the way. Ash climbs down and slowly exits while eyeing Xia.

Nic Nemeth in-ring promo:

He says that he wants to earn his way to a world title shot! Not just stroll in and receive it. First, he went through Steve Maclin. Now Moose can’t wait to get his hands on Nemeth. The System interrupts and Moose addresses Nemeth to set the stage for Rebellion.

Knockouts World Championship: Tasha Steelz vs. Jordynne Grace (c) 

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION JORDYNNE GRACE! Jordynne Grace defeats Tasha Steelz via pinfall with the Juggernaut Driver!

Next week, the 8-4-1 match returns to determine the new Knockouts title #1 contender for Rebellion. AJ Francis and Rich Swann address their status. Plus, Josh Alexander is in action and much more!