TNA Impact Results – May 2, 2024

TNA is pre-recorded from Los Vegas, NV! This week’s show was headlined by Jordynne Grace vs. Miyi Yamashita for Grace’s TNA Knockouts Championship! Plus, Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel, with the winner getting an X-Division title shot, and Chris Bey vs. Mustafa Ali! There’s so much more on tonight’s show, continue below for the results!

Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

Ring Announcer: Jade Chung

Fir$t Cla$$ Promo w/ Bun B: 

Aj Franci$ welcomes everyone to TNA Impact! He says later in the show Joe Hendry will be giving an apology.

Chris Bey w/ Ace Austin vs. Mustafa Ali 

RESULTS: Mustafa Ali defeats Chris Bey via pinfall after a suplex on the apron followed by 450 Splash for the win. During the match, Ali’s security team argued with the referee, while another member of security hit Bey with a flagpole and knocks Bey off the top rope.

Dani Luna w/ Jody Threat vs. Alisha Edwards w/ Masha Slamovich

Before the match, Lars Fredericksen joins Hannifan and Rehwoldt on commentary. Tom mentions that Lars has a long history with Threat.

RESULTS: Alisha Edwards defeats Dami Luna via pinfall with Snowplow from Masha Slamovich while the referee was distracted. During the match, Alisha kicked Threat on the outside. Masha took advantage with a Snowplow on Luna to make sure her partner walks away with the victory.

Demolition TV with Sami Callihan:

He welcomes everyone to the first ever episode of DMTV. Callihan says he’s back in TNA to right the wrongs of his past. Ending the video with his “THUMBS UP, THUMBS DOWN” quote.

Sin City Street Fight – Cody Deaner vs. Hammerstone

RESULTS: Hammerstone defeats Cody Deaner via submission with a Torture Rack. After the match, Hammerstone refuses to let go! OUT COMES JAKE SOMETHING! Jake Something takes out Hammerstone until security came out to separate the two.


A doctor was checking on Nic Nemeth who was attacked then decided he is not medically cleared for his match at Under Siege. Broken Matt Hardy then volunteers himself as a replacement! Santino agrees and makes it official.

Promo with Broken Matt Hardy & Speedball Mountain:

Trent Seven says the System needs to be taken down! Mike Bailey believes the System should be deleted. Matt Hardy suggests Speedball Mountain joins his family. He re-named them “Trent the Seventh” and the “Ball of Speed”, then said they would make The System obsolete.

Santino sits down with Jonathan Gresham:

Gresham spaced out as images flashed on the screen. They shook hands and Gresham said he was glad to be back. Santino walks away. Then more images flashed on the screen. A masked Gresham sat across from the first Gresham. They cut to Santino washing a black substance off of his hands.

Joe Hendry apologizes to Fir$t Cla$$:

AJ Francis and his entourage were in the VIP area. Francis said he didn’t trust Hendry, but he’s a man of his words then introduced Hendry. Hendry entered the ring to his theme song. A guitar and mic stand were in the ring. Hendry took a seat and said it was his time for an apology. He said his feud with AJ started in this building. Hendry mentions the feud started with a song and should end with a song.

Hendry played an acoustic version of his original song about AJ. Fans chanted “Cheez-It” afterwards. He then played the second song. Afterwards, he said it was time for the apology song. He played the song, and the lyrics were about having so much material to roast AJ. He showed a picture of AJ celebrating with his hand around Swann’s waist. Fans chanted along to the lyrics “Can you please get fired… because it happened twice before”.

Gia Miller interviews the System on stage:

Eddie Edwards says Under Siege is going to be a historic night when Alisha Edwards brings gold to The System. Edwards says TNA needs The System. Brian Myers says he doesn’t know how Speedball Mountain even got in this match and says they are just riding the coat tails of Matt Hardy.

Moose says Hardy is a TNA Legend but while he’s been gone, he’s become a TNA Legend as well. Moose says The System can’t be deleted and they will delete them at Under Siege. Alisha says at the end of the day, you always trust The System.

X- Division Number 1 Contenders match – Trey Miguel w/ vs. Ace Austin w/ Chris Bey

RESULTS: Ace Austin defeats Trey Miguel via pinfall with the Fold! Ace Austin is the new number 1 contender for the X-Division Championship!

Backstage with Josh Alexander and Eric Young:

Josh Alexander says he has no love for Frankie Kazarian or Steve Maclin. Eric Young says if Alexander doesn’t like Maclin, neither does he, and he certainly doesn’t like Kazarian. Young says they’ll see Kazarian and Maclin tomorrow night at Under Siege.

TNA Knockouts Championship match – Miyu Yamashita vs. Jordynne Grace (c)

Before the match, George Iceman introduced Ash by Elegance and says they will be watching from the crowd.

RESULTS: AND STILL TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPION JORDYNNE GRACE! Jordynne Grace defeats Mitu Yamashita via pinfall with the Juggernaut Driver! After the match, Grace and Miyu show respect to one another.

Then as Grace is celebrating Steph DeLander attacks her from behind. Steph demands Kon to snap Grace’s neck then the lights go out and PCO HAS ARRIVED! He runs Kon out the ring! Then he grabbed Steph by the throat. Grace grabbed Steph and threw her out of the ring.

TNA presents Under Siege tomorrow night on PPV!