TNA Impact Review – April 25, 2024

TNA Impact Review – April 25, 2024

Nic Nemeth comes out and says he doesn’t know what to do. He says he is broken. Matt Hardy comes out and says he had a premonition that he would come out. He shows footage of Moose pinning Nic Nemeth. He said that did not look like an official pinfall to him. TNA World Champion Moose comes out with The System and says Matt Hardy thinks he is the Head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders and now he sees why they suck. Moose says this isn’t football and he can’t challenge the play. Nic Nemeth challenges them to get into the ring and say it to their face. TNA World Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards says he looks and sounds pathetic. He says he sees where Nic Nemeth is coming from. He says Nic Nemeth came here looking to be Kurt Angle but he’s not even going to be the next Eric Angle. Nic Nemeth challenged Eddie Edwards to a match later tonight.

X Division Champion Mustafa Ali is backstage with The Good Hands & Santino Marella with a ballot box. Mustafa Ali praises democracy in TNA. Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace drops her ballot and asks Marella if she can talk to him.

A promo for Under Siege airs.

We see highlights from Rebellion where PCO & Sami Callihan appeared and Jordynne Grace beat Steph De Lander.

Jordynne Grace talks about her match at Rebellion and says she’s glad she had PCO at the back of her sleeve. She talks about her match against Miyu Yamashita next week and says that she’s a fighting champion and will defend the Knockouts Title next week. Miyu Yamashita shows up and says she will take the Knockouts Title.

Mike Santana vs. Myron Reed

Myron Reed tries to hit a cutter onto the entrance way but Mike Santana catches him and hits Rolling Buck 50 on the ramp.

He throws Reed back in the ring and hits a senton onto Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz.

Santana hits STB for the win.

Winner: Mike Santana

After the match, Maclin’s music hits and he orders The Rascalz to get into the ring. The four of them surround the ring and Maclin gets in the ring but The Rascalz bail on him. Santana tries to hit the STB on Maclin but Maclin gets out of the ring.

Steph De Lander is backstage with Kon and says what happened at Rebellion and was the Las Vegas screwjob. She tells Jordynne Grace to bring her boyfriend PCO and they will have a Mixed Tag Team match at Under Siege.

Josh Alexander comes out. He says his heart bleed for the 3 letters TNA and he showed that at Rebellion when he beat Alex Hammerstone and came out the Last Man Standing. He says there’s one thing he hasn’t been called in a long time and it’s been eating away at him and that’s the TNA World Champion. Kazarian’s music hits. Kazarian says he wins one match and he thinks that qualifies him to be the #1 Contender. He says he also won his match at Rebellion. He says he beat a TNA OG in a Full Metal Mayhem Match. He says if anybody qualifies to be a #1 Contender, it’s him. Josh Alexander says how about they have a match to determine the #1 Contender. Kazarian says his arm is injured after his match. Josh Alexander says his Last Man Standing match was brutal too but he isn’t moaning about it. Kazarian says that doesn’t work for him brother. A referee enters the ring and Jade Chung announces that the match has been made official right now.

TNA World Title #1 Contenders Match
Josh Alexander vs. Frankie Kazarian

Frankie Kazarian goes for Crossface Chicken Wing but Josh Alexander reverses into the Ankle Lock.

Kazarian gets out of it and hits a guillotine leg drop followed by a DDT off the ropes for two.

Kazarian looks for Fade To Black but Alexander gets out of it.

Kazarian hits a scoop slam and goes for a springboard leg drop but Alexander reverses it into an Ankle Lock which Kazarian reverses. Alexander hits a German suplex.

Alexander hits a half & half suplex for a two count then Alexander goes for C4 Spike but Kazarian gets out of it and hits a slingshot cutter for a two count.

Kazarian gets weapons from underneath the ring and tries to hit Alexander with a chair but the referee takes it away. Kazarian gets a steel chain but Eric Young takes it from him.

Kazarian feigns injury and the referee ejects Young from ringside.

Alexander locks in the Ankle Lock and Kazarian taps out.

Winner By Submission & #1 Contender To The TNA World Title: Josh Alexander

Backstage Jake Something talks with Santino Marella who tells him he can’t challenge for the X Division Title again. Hammerstone comes in and demands to talk with Marella. Something tells him to respect Marella. Hammerstone shoves Something & Marella books them in a match for Under Siege.

We see First Class coming in to the venue in a limo with Bun B.

First Class is introduced by Gia Miller and they come to the entrance way. Rich Swann says Joe Hendry has been doing nothing but devalue their name but after the ass whooping, he’s going to be putting respect on the name of First Class. Miller asks if they’re going to be putting respect on his name. Hendry comes out and says he’s not here to fight because at Rebellion Rich Swann beat him and he suffered a very serious groin injury. He says he owes an apology and he’s going to do it in the ring next week.

Xia Brookside vs. Ash By Elegance

Xia Brookside goes to the top rope and hits a crossbody for a two count.

Ash By Elegance gets Brookside in a fireman’s carry but Brookside gets out of it.

Ash kicks her and Brookside gets out of the ring.

George Iceman gives her brass knuckles but the referee catches her & Brookside rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Xia Brookside

Backstage we see Santino Marella with the ballots and he says Trey Miguel wins it. Ace asks by how many votes and Santino says by 60. Leon Slater says there aren’t even 60 people here. Marella says they will have a match between the top 2 contenders next week and the winner will face Mustafa Ali at Under Siege.

The Good Hands come out and John Skyler says Sami Callihan is a lot like the losers in Las Vegas. He says The Death Machine has a death wish and it is from these Good Hands.

2 On 1 Handicap Match
The Good Hands (John Skyler & Jason Hotch) vs. Sami Callihan 

Sami Callihan hits a powerbomb on Jason Hotch before cuts Hotch’s webbing with a poster of PCO. John Skyler hits a spear on Sami followed by a moonsault by Hotch.

Skyler hits a slingshot spear for a two count.

Hotch comes leaping in and Callihan levels him with a right hand.

Callihan hits Cactus Driver 97 on Jason Hotch for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Frankie Kazarian is backstage and Steve Maclin walks up to him and says he has a proposition. He says he saw what happened tonight with Josh Alexander & Eric Young and he has a problem with Mike Santana. Kazarian says he is the king of TNA and he doesn’t trust Maclin. Maclin says he has every right not to trust him. Maclin says he helps Kazarian with his enemies and Kazarian helps him with his.

TNA World Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards vs. Nic Nemeth

Nic Nemeth hits elbow drop on Eddie Edwards for a two count.

Nemeth goes for Fameasser but Edwards gets out of the way and Nemeth hits a DDT for two. Nemeth signals for Sweet Chin Music but Edwards gets out of the ring.

Nemeth throws him back into the ring and goes to the top rope but Edwards catches him.

Edwards hits a superplex and follows it up with a Tiger Driver for a two count.

Nemeth hits a superkick followed by an Olympic Slam for a two count.

Nemeth hits a headbutt and goes for Danger Zone but Edwards holds onto the ropes.

Nemeth & Edwards drop each other with a clothesline.

Brian Myers tries to get involved but Ryan Nemeth gets into it with him.

Moose hits Nemeth with the TNA World Title and Edwards hits Boston Knee Party for the win.

Winner: TNA World Tag Team Champion Eddie Edwards

After the match Moose attacks Nic Nemeth & Myers calls Ryan Nemeth as he is held back by security. Nic’s neck is held in a steel chair and Moose hits it with a steel chair. Speedball Mountain run in and The System bail out of the ring.

Next Week’s Impact

Knockouts Title Match
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Miyu Yamashita

X Division Title #1 Contenders Match
Ace Austin vs. Trey Miguel

Under Siege Card (May 3rd) (Spoilers)

Mixed Tag Team Match
Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace & PCO vs. Steph De Lander & Kon

Alex Hammerstone vs. Jake Something

Knockouts Tag Team Titles Match
Spitfire (Jody Threat & Dani Luna) (c) vs. Masha Slamovich & Alisha Edwards

6 Man Tag Team Match
The System (TNA World Tag Team Champions Eddie Edwards & Brain Myers & TNA World Champion Moose) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven) & Matt Hardy

X Division Title Match
Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Ace Austin