TNA Rebellion Review – April 20, 2024

TNA Rebellion Review – April 20, 2024

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz, Trey Miguel & Myron Reed) vs. ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) & Leon Slater (Pre Show)

Match ends when Leon Slater hits a Swanton Bomb 450 splash onto Trey Miguel to get the win for his team.

Winners: ABC & Leon Slater (9:06)
Rate: 7

Digital Media Title Match
Crazzy Steve (c) vs. Laredo Kid (Pre Show)

Crazzy Steve hit an early cannonball in the corner then points at Laredo Kid before asking Where’s your hero now?.

Kid eventually came back and hits a Spanish Fly from the top rope for the win.

Winner & Digital Media Champion: Laredo Kid (6:42) (NEW CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 5

Knockouts Tag Team Titles Match
Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat) (c) vs. Decay (Rosemary & Havok) (Pre Show)

Jody Threat jumped from the top rope onto Decay on the floor.

Threat clotheslined Rosemary to the floor and went up top again but Havok cut her off.

Spitfire hits a double powerbomb on Havok & she rolled out of the ring.

Spitfire hits their finisher on Rosemary to score the victory.

Winners & Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Spitfire (10:38) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 5

X Division Title Match
Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Jake Something

Jake Something turned Ali inside out with a clothesline for an two count.

One of Ali’s bodyguards distracted the referee while 2 other bodyguards held Something down. Ali hits a 450 splash on Something and then got a near fall.

Something rallied and had Ali pinned but Ali draped his foot over the bottom rope.

Ali sent Something into the post then rolls him into a pin and held the bottom rope for leverage to get the win.

Winner & X Division Champion: Mustafa Ali (11:39) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 7

Joe Hendry vs. Rich Swann

Rich Swann aggressively gouged the eye of Joe Hendry in front of the referee to take offensive control. One of the Manboy Mafia gamers passed a gold chain to AJ Francis.

When Francis wound up to use it as a weapon but Shawne Merriman stops him.

Merriman hopped the barricade and entered the ring.

Francis joined him in the ring and they bickered until Francis went to the apron.

With the referee distracted by Francis Merriman clotheslined Hendry then exited the ring.

Swann hit a top rope frog splash to put Hendry away.

Winner: Rich Swann (7:32)
Rate: 5

Full Metal Mayhem Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. Eric Young

Frankie Kazarian threw a ladder at Eric Young before Young swung Janice at Kazarian but he avoided it.

Kazarian ended up with the weapon and then it was Young’s turn to avoid it.

Kazarian spears Young off the apron and both men crashed through a table on the floor.

Both wrestlers took turns slamming cookie sheets over the head of their opponent.

Young got the better of it and hit a Death Valley Driver for a two count.

Kazarian avoided a charging Young in the corner then used a chain to choke him and then put the chain in his mouth and wrenched on it.

Young slips out then wraps the chain around Kazarian’s neck and pulls him off the ropes.

Young placed a trashcan over Kazarian then Young wraps the chain around his forehead and then stuck the trash can a few times.

Young hits a top rope elbow drop onto the trashcan then pulls it off of Kazarian and covered him for a near fall.

Kazarian set up a table inside the ring and the chain was underneath it.

Kazarian went to the ropes with a trashcan but Young crotched him on the top turnbuckle.

Both men fought on the ropes and then Kazarian hits Flux Capacitor from the top rope to get the win.

Winner: Frankie Kazarian (15:21) 
Rate: 7

Steve Maclin made his entrance while Hannifan said this was not a scheduled part of the show. Maclin recalls saying he would make his presence felt on the show. He showed off a contract that he said he was offered by TNA executives. Maclin said they met every demand he had but he had one more. Maclin said he wanted a match and he wouldn’t leave until that demand was met.

Director Of Authority Santino Marella walked onto the stage with a mic and said they could have talked about this in the back. Marella said Maclin was in luck because he just signed another superstar who can’t wait to get started. Marella said the match would take place right now.

Mike Santana made his entrance through the crowd.

Steve Maclin vs. Mike Santana

Steve Maclin shoves Mike Santana before he responded with a slap to the face.

Both men traded punches before Santana clotheslined Maclin to ringside then hits him with a flip dive. Maclin came back by running Santana into the ring post.

Maclin dumped Santana face first on the apron and then rolls him back inside the ring where the wrestlers traded chops.

Maclin put Santana down with an elbow and covered him for a two count. Maclin hits a uranage backbreaker for a two count.

Santana cut off Maclin’s run of offense with a cutter.

Santana fired up the crowd and hit a jumping enzuigiri in the corner.

Maclin hit Santana with a forearm but Santana came right back with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Santana went for a discus clothesline but Maclin cut him off with a knee strike.

Maclin hits a top rope headbutt for a near fall.

Maclin remained on the offensive then hung Santana in the tree of woe.

Maclin hit Santana with a shoulder block then covered him for another near fall.

Santana rallied with a big kick and a discus clothesline for the win.

Winner: Mike Santana (8:10)
Rate: 6

TNA World Tag Team Titles Match
The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) (c) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven)

Eddie Edwards sends Trent Seven knee first into the ring steps.

Edwards followed up by picking up Seven and dropping the bad knee on top of the steps.

Seven was isolated by The System as they continued to target his bad knee.

Mike Bailey tags in and hits Brian Myers with a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Bailey hits the same move from the top rope on Myers for another near fall.

Seven tags in and held Myers as Bailey sets up for a move but Edwards pulls him to the floor. Seven sold his knee while Edwards tagged in and taunted him.

Edwards put Seven in a single crab while Myers caught Bailey in a crossface.

Bailey broke free and then threw kicks at Edwards and eventually forced him to break it with rapid fire kicks. Bailey ran up the ropes and took out Myers with a dive to the floor.

Bailey returns to the ring and kicked Edwards into a dragon suplex from Seven then he covers him for a near fall.

Bailey went up top but Edwards shoved Seven into Bailey to knocked him down to the floor.

Edwards hits a Backpack Stunner on Seven then Myers hits a top rope elbow drop on Seven which led to a near fall.

Seven hits Burning Hammer on Edwards and then Bailey followed up with Ultima Weapon.

Seven had the pin but Myers shoved Bailey into the pin to break it up.

Bailey dove from the apron at Myers but he caught him with a spear.

Myers hits Seven with Roster Cut then Edwards followed up with Boston Knee Party to get the win.

Winners & TNA World Tag Team Champions: The System (12:59) (STILL CHAMPIONS!!!)
Rate: 7

Last Man Standing Match
Josh Alexander vs. Alex Hammerstone

Josh Alexander went right at Alex Hammerstone to start the match.

Alexander hits a suplex on the apron several minutes into the match.

Hammerstone tumbled to the floor and was able to beat the referee’s count at 7.

Alexander wraps Hammerstone’s left knee around the ring post 3 times and then locks in a Figure 4 briefly then Hammerstone took offensive control.

Alexander as he suffered a cut behind his ear struggled to beat the referee’s count a couple of times. Hammerstone placed Alexander in a Torture Rack.

Alexander struggled to get up at eight and was laughing while he did so.

Hammerstone put him right down with a pump kick but Alexander caught him in an ankle lock.

Alexander targeted the ankle by slamming it on the mat and stomping it.

Alexander tied up Hammerstone in a tree of woe then hits him with a crossbody.

Hammerstone got to his feet at 5.

Alexander set up for C4 Spike but Hammerstone blocked it so Alexander put the boots to Hammerstone.

Alexander drops to the floor and pulled a bag out from underneath the ring.

Alexander brought the bag inside the ring with him and poured thumbtacks on the mat in front of Hammerstone.

Alexander placed Hammerstone in a seated position on the top rope and set up for a superplex but Hammerstone fought back.

Hammerstone picks up Alexander while seated on the top turnbuckle stood up then hits a Nightmare Pendulum onto the tacks.

Hammerstone picked some tacks out of his thigh while the referee counted but Alexander rolled to the floor and onto his feet to break the count.

Hammerstone got Alexander on the entrance ramp which is level with the ring.

Hammerstone put the headgear he stole from Alexander around his arm and set up for his finisher but Alexander avoided it.

Alexander hits a half & half suplex on the ramp and followed up with a C4 Spike on the stage as Hammerstone failed to stand up.

Winner: Josh Alexander (19:56)
Rate: 7

After the match Alexander took his headgear back and held it up inside the ring.

Knockouts Title Match
Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Steph De Lander

Jordynne Grace hit an early suicide dive before Steph De Lander took control inside the ring and executed a suplex that led to a two count.

Grace stood on the apron and caught De Lander with a knee strike.

De Lander came back with a back body drop and a suplex.

Grace pops right up and threw clotheslines that failed to put De Lander down.

De Lander returned fire with one clothesline that put Grace down.

Grace caught De Lander in a sleeper and didn’t break the hold when De Lander fell back on top of her. John Skyler distracted the referee from checking on De Lander.

Grace released the hold then De Lander got the Knockouts Title and tried to hit Grace with it but Grace moved and De Lander stops short of hitting the referee.

Grace accidentally took out the referee moments later.

De Lander hits Grace with the Knockouts Title as Jason Hotch put on the referee shirt and made a 3 count then the lights went out.

When the lights turned on PCO appeared in the ring and took out The Good Hands.

De Lander tried to flirt with PCO and removed his jacket but PCO grabs De Lander for a chokeslam.

Kon came out and attacked PCO to save De Lander as Kon cleared PCO from the ring.

Grace got in the face of Kon as he shoved her to the mat then Grace hits Kon with a shot to the balls causing him to drop to his knees.

Grace stood him up and hoisted him up for Juggernaut Driver but The Good Hands returned and stopped her. Kon set up to wrench Grace’s neck when the lights went out again.

Sami Callihan was in the ring with a baseball bat when the lights turned on.

Callihan works over Kon & The Good Hands with the bat.

Callihan cleared Kon & Skyler from the ring and then hits Cactus Driver on Hotch.

Callihan went to ringside grabs De Lander and threw her back inside the ring.

Grace hits De Lander and puts her down with Juggernaut Driver for the win.

Winner & Knockouts Champion: Jordynne Grace (12:34) (STILL CHAMPION!!!)
Rate: 3

TNA World Title Match
Moose (c) vs. Nic Nemeth

Nic Nemeth took Moose down to start this & once they were back on their feet Moose went for a clothesline but Nemeth held the top rope down and Moose tumbled over.

Nemeth jumped toward Moose & caught him on the floor then dumps him on the apron.

Moose taunted Nemeth’s family members.

Back inside the ring Nemeth bounced back and tuned up the band for a superkick but Alisha Edwards grabs his foot.

The referee saw her do it and ejected The System from ringside which led to the live crowd singing the goodbye song.

Nemeth blasted a distracted Moose with a superkick for a near fall.

The match spilled over to ringside & Moose had the ring steps turned on their side and set up for a powerbomb but Nemeth slips out.

Nemeth hit a Fameasser off the ramp onto Moose on the floor.

Back in the ring Nemeth hits Moose with a corner splash and a neckbreaker before Nemeth drops repeated elbows on Moose.

Nemeth motioned for the TNA World Title and wound up for the final elbow but Moose rolls to ringside.

Nemeth went to the apron and hits an elbow drop onto Moose on the floor.

Nemeth rolls Moose back inside the ring then hits him with a top rope elbow for a near fall.

Nemeth tried to follow up with a superkick but Moose stuffed it then headbutts him.

Nemeth came back with a shot and went to the ropes but Moose pulls him down with a Sky High for a near fall.

Both men avoided moves from the other then Moose put Nemeth down with a powerbomb for another near fall. Moose powerbombed Nemeth on the ramp.

Nemeth’s leg knocked some lights off the stage and they appeared to hit a camera as the screen went green and staticky for a moment.

Back in the ring both men traded punches and forearms then Nemeth eventually hits a Fameasser for a near fall.

Moose went for a spear but Nemeth jumped and avoided it.

Nemeth superkicks and spears Moose for another two count before Moose caught Nemeth with a spear for the win.

Winner & TNA World Champion: Moose (17:09) (STILL CHAMPION!!!!)
Rate: 7

After the match The System walks onto the stage and applauded Moose then a Lights Out video played and then the lights did indeed go out. When the lights turned on Matt Hardy was in the ring dressed in his Broken Matt gear. Hardy kicks Moose then puts him down with a Twist Of Fate. Hardy did the Delete bit while the fans chanted along. Hardy picked up the TNA World Title and played to the crowd to close out Rebellion 2024.