Tommy Dreamer Reacts To MJF’s AEW Dynamite Promo, Compares Him To Roddy Piper

ECW original Tommy Dreamer recently made an appearance on an episode of Busted Open Radio, where he talked about a number of topics including MJF’s current babyface run in AEW.

Dreamer said, “He insults the crowd, he puts himself over, he is so egotistical, and man, the AEW audience love him; I do too! He reminds me of when Roddy Piper was really, really peaking. MJF sometimes has me in those same old school feels.”

On MJF putting over RUSH in their promo:

“Just burying a guy means nothing, but he really did go out of his way to make fans remember about Rush and giving some history about Rush… The beauty of MJF [is] they got rid of the ‘What’ chants because they kept on listening to what MJF said.”

You can check out the complete podcast below.