Tony Khan Downplays AEW’s Leaked List Of Banned Moves, Discusses CM Punk And AEW Collision

(Photo Credit: JJ Williams)

AEW President Tony Khan has downplayed the recently leaked lists of banned and required moves in AEW.

As previously stated, AEW officials issued a list of banned spots/moves as well as a list of spots/moves that must be approved before being used in a match or segment last week. Several news outlets reported on the lists. For those who missed it, full details on the lists and backstage reaction can be found by clicking here.

Khan appeared on The Dan Le Batard Show today and downplayed the lists. He was asked if the changes were made to help prevent injuries that are interfering with his ability to book matches and if he is attempting to make AEW a safer company.

“Yes, I want to have a great pro wrestling company, a hard-hitting pro wrestling company,” Khan said. “Those aren’t really crazy changes. It’s nothing that’s going to change the show. It’s really more guidelines for the referees as much as anything else. It’s good stuff for the wrestlers to know.”

Due to injuries, Khan estimated that “maybe 20%” of the matches he wanted to book had to be postponed or changed.

Khan also stated that CM Punk’s return has been “very successful” for AEW, and that AEW Collision “has been going very well” since its launch last month.

You can check out the complete interview below: