Tony Khan Reveals Why Rush And Rey Fenix’s Returns Were Not Advertised Ahead Of AEW Collision

(Photo Credit: AEW)

Rey Fenix and Rush returned to television this past Saturday night on AEW Collision. Critics argued that Khan should have done more to promote their return ahead of time.

Khan has been doing the media rounds to promote tonight’s AEW Dynamite, and he was asked about Rey Fenix and Rush’s return to AEW Collision, as well as his approach to promoting wrestler returns. Khan stated that in the case of Fenix, he recently learned that he was cleared to wrestle and wanted to surprise the fans at the show.

Khan said, “Rush I wanted to bring back as a surprise to the fans in Jacksonville. We had done some cool things on Wednesday. Some fun surprises in terms of that casino gauntlet match and some really cool unexpected match ups that nobody saw coming and we had given the fans a really fun show. There was so much great stuff on Wednesday’s show in Jacksonville, including that Casino Gauntlet match.”

Khan continued, “I wanted to give the fans a nice surprise on Saturday and I thought that it would be great to have Rush come back. I thought this was a really cool surprise for the fans in Jacksonville just like we’ve given some fun surprises on Wednesday with the match-up in the Casino Gauntlet match. I got a fun surprise and it didn’t happen until after Dynamite so I wasn’t able to get ahead on it on prior weeks of television. It was something that snuck up on me later and we just cleared right before Collision, Rey Fenix. When he came in for the medical check and he was cleared and he really wanted to wrestle for the fans in Jacksonville, I thought it was great. So we announced it during the [NFL] Draft and I had a block there and it was something else that I moved around and made some changes to make sure we got this great match on the show for the fans. I was pleasantly surprised when Rey Fenix came in and said he got cleared for this week because it was not something I went in expecting and it was a nice thing to get Rey Fenix back and a nice surprise for the fans.”

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