Top NJPW Star Issues Challenge For Forbidden Door 2024

NJPW World Television Champion Jeff Cobb successfully defended his title against “The Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii at the company’s Dominion 2024 PPV this past weekend. Shortly following the show, Cobb took part in the post-show press conference where he issued a challenge for his title to anyone who is elite for Forbidden Door 2024.

Cobb said, “It’s Forbidden Door season, and I am a champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and I have been to AEW: All Elite, my ass. If you’re elite, step up. I dare you, step up.”

“Or are you afraid because when you’re a champion, the criticism of coming on tour to the small towns is on your back, and we know you can’t carry that load? So this goes out to anybody in AEW, Ring of Honor, TNA Impact, MLW, CMLL — which I don’t even work for — but CMLL, you’re put on notice too.”

“The big shiny gold belt that represents the television of New Japan says, come on down and let me make you famous. Then I’ll suplex your ass back to where you came from. Economy, of course, because I am a frugal individual.”

Cobb also took to his official Twitter (X) account and stated that he currently does not have a match at Forbidden Door, but he is willing to go to AEW and give any deserving person a title shot.

Cobb wrote, “Let me be VERY clear. I currently do not have a match at Forbidden Door, nor is this a way to pressure anyone into making a match. I am willing to go the route of our sister company and just let any non deserving person a shot at this championship. As of now, no one has stepped up. If I’m there, I’m going to fight, if not, I’ll happily enjoy a day at the beach, blast my new DeBarge album with a nice good ol fashioned bbq….. Jim Ross any good tips?”

You can check out Cobb’s comments in the video below, along with his post.