Top Takeaways And Results From PROGRESS Wrestling Chapter 160: Vendetta

2023 has been special for PROGRESS Wrestling. It continued on Sunday, November 26th at the Electric Ballroom, London as the promotion put on their annual ‘supershow’ which consisted of 9 top matches and a host of amazing moments.

PWMania’s Lee Tarrier (@leeseedub) was on hand. Here is his top takeaways:



What a match. Brutal, violent, emotional. Everything you want from a main event

Spike Trivet retained in a No DQ Title vs Mask match. Tables, glass, drawing pins, a tombstone ON A TOMBSTONE! This match had it all. Sadly, with no real interference, Lykos still came up short, just, but in doing so, respected the outcome and unmasked. Ethan Beech, the man behind the mask gave a passionate promo to end the show. You have to see this match!



Damo, Axel and EY were reunited for the first time since 2019, back together to take on Smokin’ Aces & Bullit in a 6-man tag. Top match and a very special moment to see a great group back together. Their PROGRESS tee is also fantastic. If you can find one online, grab one. The crowd were all over this and want to see more of the group at the Ballroom. PLEASE COME BACK!



In a hard-hitting triple threat match, Rhio defeated Kanji and Lizzy Evo to show she is the real deal. Turning up with both her PROGRESS and ICW titles, Rhio showed that she is ready to take on anyone, anywhere and collect many belts. Everyone involved here put on a top match and all have such exciting times to come in their career. 2024 will be a solid one for all three of these top wrestlers.



The most emotional moment of the day was when it became real, that Banks was taking of his boots, leaving them in the ring and saying goodbye to pro wrestling. After a fantastic entrance performed by Skillit, an emotional match against teacher, Gene Munny, saw Banks take the final spear and lose his last match. Nothing was held back between these two best friends and it felt inevitable that Banks was accepting his fate. All I can say is Banks was instrumental to PROGRESS throughout the Peckham era and the start of the re-birth in 2022. He was and will forever be awesome. Thank you Warren!



The Atlas championship match between Ricky Knight Jr. and Luke Jacobs opened the show ad, my word, they stole it. What a brutal, fast-paced war this was between two tough lads. I could watch a best of series between these two as they hit hard, hit fast and hit brutal. From chops to forearms, top rope dives to unreal suplexes, this had it all and hyped the crowd. RKJ’s run as Atlas champ has been a top one so far. Who’s next?

Full results from Chapter 160: Vedetta are:

  • Ricky Knight Jr def Luke Jacobs to retain the Progress Atlas Title

  • Leon Slater def Connor Mills

  • KC Navarro entrant no. 2 for SSS16

  • Tate Mayfairs def Paul Robinson

  • Simon Miller knocked out Tate with the knucks post match

  • Simon Miller vs Tate Mayfairs in a street fight at unboxing

  • Cheeky Little Buggers def Lana Austin & Rob Drake in a intergender tag match

  • Gene Munny def Warren Banks

  • Luke Jacobs vs Masato Tanaka in March

  • sAnitY def Bullit & Smokin’ Aces

  • Rhio def Lizzy Evo & Kanji to retain the Progress Women’s Title

  • Super Strong Style Entrant no. 3 – Eddie Dennis

  • Yoichi def Shigehiro Irie

  • Spike Trivet def Kid Lykos in a mask vs Title match to retain the Progress World Title – They shook hands post match after handing Spike his mask

If you’re a British wrestling fan, get to Camden for a PROGRESS show. Everything from the top in-ring action to the fantastic promo videos make these shows feel special. See you there, December 30th! Tickets available here.

For those looking to see Chapter 160: Vendetta, the show will be uploaded to Demand Progress Plus very soon.

Pictures: PROGRESS Wrestling