Triple H Discusses The Changes Nick Khan And Lee Fitting Have Made To WWE

(Photo Credit: WWE)

During the WWE Wrestlemania 40 Sunday post-show press conference, Paul “Triple H” Levesque discussed the company’s new “Renaissance” era. Triple H commented on Lee Fitting, formerly of ESPN, as the new Head of Media and Production.

“[He] is new here, but has been, no pun intended, a game changer. Lee Fitting. From a production standpoint, from what we’re doing, the look, the feel. You see changes happening every week on TV, and there is going to be more of them. You see them and I see people excited by them, just loving the changes that are made. I’m telling you there is so much more to come. We made a conscious decision together, Lee, Nick [Nick Khan], and myself, to slowly roll out those changes over time. There is a lot more coming. When I tell you, Lee Fitting, that I love working with him, he has a passion for this just like we do. Might be new here, but he’s all in. He’s the kind of guy that I want to go to work for. I want to do stuff to make his job easier and I want to collaborate with him and I want to make things better with him. I can’t say enough good stuff about him. A lot of the change that you and a lot of success you see, comes from Lee Fitting.”

Triple H also praised WWE President Nick Khan:

“Nick Khan, I can’t even begin to describe the change that he’s made here. If you wanted to boil it all down to a speartip, he should be mentioned in the top of that. It’s his era too. There is nobody right now…it’s such an amazing partnership with a guy that I have so much respect for. It just clicks. He’s the biggest difference-maker that I’ve ever seen. Together, I can promise people, with Lee and Nick at the top of it. There is no ceiling on top of this. We’re going to take it places that it’s never been before.”

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