Update On List Of Moves And Actions That Are Banned From AEW Or Need To Be Approved

As PWMania.com previously reported, a list of moves and actions that are currently banned from AEW or must be approved by the company was made public. Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com confirmed Fightful.com’s first report and independently obtained a copy of the memo from various sources in an update.

AEW will punish talent who violate the guideline, according to Johnson, and the list “is an updated version of an older memo previously created by the company’s medical team that was recently updated and dispersed to the roster.”

The banned moves, according to the memo, are “prohibited for your safety, safety of the staff and crew, safety of our fans, and compliance with laws and venue requirements.”

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter also stated the following about the situation:

“One wrestler noted to us that you won’t see any changes that would be noticeable since all of those things that you have to alert the producers about were all things that talent would already been telling the producers about to begin with. He noted that during the rare occasions where people do something in the moment that would violate the rules it could be an issue after the fact, but noted those are rare. He expected if that were to happen he expected minor fines but no great repercussions and it wouldn’t happen often enough that it changes the product at all.”